.hack//Roots 26 [end]: HARD GAY’s Greatest Loss

…and yes, I watched this episode myself too! What is the world coming to?

The unthinkable has happened. Phyllo, staple of the Mac Anu bridge and chief coordinator of The World:r2’s HARD GAY, is gone. As the male players try to adjust to this unexpected loss, they must decide whether they can now continue along the HARD GAY path, or if it is time to throw in the towel. Meanwhile, Tabby confesses her true feelings, and Yata grudgingly pays his cable bills.

The ultimate HARD GAY monster materialises.

Haseo has barely been back five minutes when Touta asks him for some HARD GAY.

Still struggling with her feelings, Tabby visits the place where her first love and HARD YURI mentor Shino disappeared.

When Haseo continues to refuse him HARD GAY, Touta reveals that Phyllo is gone, and that without their coordinator to arrange matches, they should take whatever they can get.

Although it leaves them in the red for the month, Yata pays to have cable TV reconnected.

Touta and Saburo meet for yet another HARD GAY vs. HARD YURI debate. Saburo is pleased that the loss of Phyllo deals a serious blow to the HARD GAY side.

Whilst Yata watches ‘Attack of the Killer Blob’ on the classic film channel, Pai takes Kuhn out for one last Hyper Self Pleasure lesson.

Silver Knight has remained in The World all this time just to ask Haseo for some HARD GAY.

The symbol of HARD GAY thrusts proudly into the sky.

Piro is immensely proud of his child, and shows baby photos to anyone who happens to pass by.

Tabby hands over her paw-gloves as a gift for the newborn.

Seisaku tries to ease his pain of his break-up with Tabby by chatting up other women, but Hideo refuses to condone his stepfather’s new relationship.

Despite all that has happened between them, Tabby still has strong feelings for Haseo, and is delighted to see him again.

Tabby confesses the full extent of her feelings for Haseo, but is also well aware that the two of them living together would never work out.

They part on good terms, with Haseo promising to contribute to Hideo’s upbringing.

Yata, Pai and Kuhn’s interests are piqued by a trailer for a new show starting this autumn.

Tri-Edge stars in the new show, as Kite of the Azure Flame.

His co-stars include Balmung…

…and Orca.

The show promises to be a black comedy about a trio of psychotic HARD GAY men living together in their own apartment.

Ovan is also intrigued by the new show, and wonders if he will be able to audition for a supporting role.

As Haseo thinks back to the happy times with Shino, he realises that there is room for both men and women in his life.

Haseo summons Multi-Wang, the monstrous symbol of his new BI lifestyle.

The end of Roots can only mean that I must find something new to blog.

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12 Responses to .hack//Roots 26 [end]: HARD GAY’s Greatest Loss

  1. NetNN says:

    Nope, the thing you should do is to fine the Game’s version of .Hack Root and play it. Because it was the sequel of the anime.

  2. Karura says:

    Uh, yeah…the point is that with this series (and several others) finishing this week, I will need to find something else to write about if I want to fill the gaps that have just opened up.

    As for .hack//GU, well, since I’m not particularly enthusiastic about the ‘new generation’ .hack or console gaming in general, I’m not going to be rushing out to buy a copy of volume 1 when the English version hits the shelves. If I do buy it at all, it’ll be when the game is going cheap.

  3. Druke says:

    Vere Sad i dont Want it End =/ anyway i dont care how much cost the game i going buy it orginal i just wait for English Gu will out =/ i vere much want play it the sux thing its 3 parts need buy 3 games =/ i wish they reless all together


  4. your a douche says:

    wow ur so funny with hard gay at the end of every sentence not that anyone in the world couldnt have done that but you captain douche did it first good job.

  5. Karura says:

    I look forward to seeing how much better your parodies are than mine, then.

  6. McCool009 says:

    Good job! It all comes together in a nicely uplifting ending.

  7. Gheta says:

    It’s funny how you make fun of the new series since the old one pretty much sucked. Hey lets all talk for 12 hours and not do anything EVER! Balmung was the only cool character until now.

  8. Karura says:

    Well, for me SIGN had atmosphere, excellent music and an actual plot…

  9. .hack fan says:

    IT’S NOT HOW IT GOS!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. .hack fan says:

    It’s not gay and did you even see the swow?

  11. Karura says:

    What’s a ‘swow’?

    I’m very sorry that you’re in denial about the HARD GAY in Roots, but here’s a link to Dictionary.com explaining what a parody is.

  12. llyse says:

    Wow. You managed to get me to ‘watch’ .hack//ROOTS even though I swore I wouldn’t until they switched in some better character designs. Either way–this version rocks; may Haseo fare well on his Bi path and not be swayed back to Hard Gay by the excessively rosy Endrance he’ll meet later on.

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