Harukanaru Toki no Naka De parody episode 11


Sefuru reports back to Akram.

Akram: You fool! How dare you take the eight-stringed kin without my permission? Did you really think your puny intellect could devise a plan superior to my grand design?

Ikutidal: Let me handle Sefuru, Master; after all, I have played punishment games with him for years.

Akram: Do what you want. I have decided that it is time to bring the barely mentioned Ran into the plot.

A veiled woman suddenly appears in Kyou- could it possibly be Ran?

Ran moves through the town. She stops to magically heal a little boy’s bruised knee and transform it into a butterfly.

Generics: Wow, what amazing and useful powers! You must be the Ryuujin no Miko!

Flying high above, Kotengu sees what is happening.

Kotengu: If I report this back to Akane, I will be of some use to the plot! Farewell, comedy sidekick days!

Meanwhile, Tenma is searching for his sister.

(Tenma: I found a ring that looked like the one Ran had, so it is only logical that she was sucked into this world many years ago. If I can have her back, she can return to my harem.)

At the palace, Tomomasa and the emperor have just enjoyed some HARD GAY when Eisen arrives.

(Eisen: I shouldn’t feel guilty about taking other partners when my brother does it so openly.)

Emperor: It’s all right, Eisen, there’s no need to be shy; we could even have a threesome if you want. Now, let me see your destined gem.

Unfortunately, the Emperor cannot see the gem.

Emperor: Oh well, I guess I need to be a named character in order to see it. Anyway, Eisen, I have more important things to discuss with you. Now that you are a destined bishounen, have you developed any feelings for the Miko?

Eisen: Brother, how can you say such a thing? I will only ever have feelings for men.

Tomomasa: Eisen, it is okay to be BI- that way you can get the best of both worlds.

Eisen gets flustered.

(Eisen: These feelings for women, they are tempting me from the true path…)

Outside, Akane and Shimon talk.

Shimon: Akane, whilst everyone else was out doing something constructive, I was sitting at home and watching over you.

Inori appears.

Inori: If you want someone to protect you, try a proper bishounen, not a loli shota.

Shimon: I may be completely useless, but I can still do my part in protecting Akane! My character-based episode will come along sooner or later!

Kotengu arrives and explains the situation. Akane, Kotengu, Inori and Shimon wander out into town.

Inori: Another Priestess? This sounds like a trap to me.

Shimon: You shouldn’t assume anything, Inori. After all, if a slavering monster starts ripping all your fingers off, he may not be evil- just misunderstood.

Inori: Like hell it is! Why are you even here, anyway, Useless Shota?

Shimon: Well, uh, I’ve been stuck in the manor for several episodes, so I thought I should come out and do something.

The group walks on, and meets up with Tenma.

Tenma: Akane, what are you doing out with other men?

Akane: We’re looking for the other Ryuujin no Miko.

Tenma: There’s another one? Does that make any sense with regards to the main plot?

Akane: Um, well…Convenient Sensing Powers!

Akane senses the presence of Ran, and turns around. Ran absorbs a butterfly and multiplies it into many butterflies of evil. As she does so, her veil drifts away, revealing her face.

Tenma: Ran! You are the person I know the best in the entire world, but I didn’t recognise you whilst your face was obscured!

As Ran disappears, Akane sinks to the ground.

Akane: I’m too weak…

(Tenma: Even if it means leaving Akane in the care of other men, I must not pass up this opportunity to get my beloved sister back.)

Tenma: Take Akane straight home whilst I randomly run around in the hopes of finding Ran!

Tenma runs off.

Akane: That girl, it almost looked as if she was in pain…

Inori: Hah, who cares about her? She had black hair, so she was clearly a demon, for all demons have blonde hair and blue eyes.

Takamichi and Yorihisa arrives.

Yorihisa: Miko-dono, are you okay?

Akane: Well, Shimon is pretty useless, but Inori can probably protect me with his Raging Hard-On siscon powers.

Takamichi: You should really be more careful. We haven’t identified the monster of the week yet, so it could appear from anywhere.

Meanwhile, Tenma has caught up with Ran.

Tenma: Ran, I’ve found you at last! Come here and let me give you a slap for being away so long.

(Ran: Oh no, I thought that I could get away from onii-chan if I went to another world, but here he is! I’d better pretend not to remember him.)

Ran: I’m sorry, but who are you?

Ikutidal appears.

Ikutidal: Get away from the girl.

Tenma: She was mine first!

Tenma tries to attack Ikutidal, who easily deflects his blows. Ran sends butterflies of evil to attack Tenma’s arm before following Ikutidal back to Akram.

(Ran: Here, brother, have a taste of the pain that you regularly inflicted on me.)

Tenma returns to the manor, impurity covering his left arm.

Akane: Magical Convenient Healing Powers.

Akane runs her hand over Tenma’s arm, dissolving the impurity.

(Tenma: Akane is even more useful than I imagined. She can be second wife once I get Ran back.)

Tenma: Akane, I have to tell you something…somehow, my sister is in this world. I hope you’ll understand that she’ll be first wife once she returns to the harem, but don’t worry, I’ll still want you as a backup.

Akane: Tenma-kun…

That night, Ran appears to Akane.

Ran: Why are you here? I was here for years, doing nothing, waiting for the time when I could be main character of my own story…and then you came along and stole the limelight.

Akane: It’s not my fault; Akram called me here.

Ran: Akram is my lover! His bishiness is too great for you!

Ran attacks Akane with the butterflies of evil; Akane screams and awakens, only to find charred butterflies everywhere. Naturally, it was only meant to seem like a dream for two seconds.

Yorihisa rushes in.

Yorihisa: Miko, I’ll protect you from the incredibly evil butterflies of doom, for thry are deadlier than any leaf or piece of bamboo!

Tenma, Shimon and Yasuaki enter. Yasuaki investigates a black pot.

Yasuaki: Just as I thought. Miko-dono, your name has randomly been written on this nondescript black pot. That means you have been cursed, and will die tomorrow night.

Akane: So Ran was serious…she wants to kill me and take my place as main character!

Yasuaki: It will be fine as long as she doesn’t have eight destined bishounen of her own.

At Akram’s lair, Akram talks to Ran.

Akram: Ran, I have decided that I might want to be HARD GAY with your brother…

To be continued…

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