Mai-HiME the RPG: Episode 3

Episode three presented one of my greatest RPG Maker challenges yet- creating a sprite of Mashiro sitting in a wheelchair. For some reason, the RPG Maker world seems to eschew sitting in favour of continual standing up, and so without a reference sprite to work with, I was left to mess up all by myself. Fortunately, the resulting creation, whilst hardly good, was at least not too hideous. I’ve also edited my first tileset, if by editing you can count resizing a few tiles.

For now, I haven’t got to adjusting the monsters’ strength and the items they drop after battle; that’s something I’ll probably go back and do once the basic flow of events is done and the battles are set.


The episode begins with a battle against the first Orphan.

Once the battle ends, Mikoto slices the Orphan in half in a cut scene, but Nagi warns them there is more to come.

The next battle is against the two halves of the Orphan; Mai gains the ability to summon Kagutsuchi here. I had to make my own animations for Kagutsuchi and Duran’s summons, but since I can’t extract them and am having little luck with the screen recorder, they can’t be shown here just yet.

After the battle, the cave is rather the worse for wear.

Everyone ends up on the scorched side of the mountain; right now, however, there is a short delay between teleporting to this map and having it turn to night.

A screencap from the anime is used to demonstrate the extent of the damage.

Natsuki visits the student council office to look up information about Mai.

Reito interrupts before HARD YURI can begin.

Mai and Takumi wake up in the infirmary.

Tate takes Mai to see Mashiro.

Mashiro’s mansion.

Inside the mansion, Mashiro explains Mai’s importance to the plot.

Episode three ends in Mai’s dorm, as she and Mikoto decide whether or not to fight the Orphans. The misplaced curtain-door on the left will be lowered

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2 Responses to Mai-HiME the RPG: Episode 3

  1. Skh says:

    Good choice for the pictures of the characters during the fights, especially the Mai one. And all your sprites are very nice.

    Keep up the good work, and don’t forget to release your game when it’s finished.

  2. Karura says:

    Thanks, I’m slightly concerned that you can’t see Mai’s HP clearly against her battle picture, but that’s something I’ll worry about when the main game structure is in place. And don’t worry, the game will be released when done; hopefully it will actually be fun to play 🙂

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