Kanon Harem Diaries Part 5


Entry 5
Thanks to Makoto, home life remains hectic, but I cannot afford to slow down. Instead, I shall forge ahead and devote every waking hour to the girls- whether I’m at home, school, or even in town, there will always be someone close by to work on.

Progress Reports
I was able to regain some ground with Nayuki by retrieving her notebook, but I have to admit that, once again, I have had little time for her. Fortunately, this gave me the opportunity to build up my relationship scores with the other girls, but after my earlier failures with her, I feel I must be careful not to take Nayuki for granted.

For form’s sake, I must pretend to be casual about this, but I am delighted that Ayu is now regularly visiting my home. Since she is integrating well with the other girls, I must consider moving up to the next level and having her stay overnight.

Since I have done enough manual labour to keep myself in Akiko’s good graces for a while, I have not bothered to work any further on her.

As I realised last time, Makoto is now completely in my grasp, and that means that there is nothing to stop me doing what I want with her. Admittedly, I was forced to abort my attempt to share a bath with her for fear of losing points with Akiko and Nayuki, but in order to make up for that failure I have adopted a ‘hazing’ method in which I break her spirit through continual harassment. From stealing her pork buns to sending her to buy erotic magazines, no move is too low or despicable if it establishes my role as her master.

For a sick girl, Shiori seems amazingly resistant to the cold weather, and thus I was able to see her again today. Although I still do not know anything about her home life, my slick conversational skills were key in persuading her to call me ‘onii-chan’. Obviously I want more than a big brother relationship with her, but this should still be noted as considerable progress.

Although I was slightly disappointed to discover that Mai’s sword was for fighting invisible monsters, the fact that she comes to school at night is a prime opportunity for us to be alone together. Even if it means losing sleep, I will gladly bring food to her at night in order to open her cold and distant heart. Unfortunately, on my latest visit, Makoto accompanied me whilst pretending to be a ghost; I must get Makoto to behave herself before she sabotages my harem efforts.

By befriending Mai, I have managed to automatically get closer to Sayuri as well; it is with amazingly little effort that I have managed to secure regular lunch dates with them. I must be careful to work on Mai and Sayuri in such a way that does not alienate either of them, but for a man of my talents, it should not be hard. My only failure thus far is that Sayuri believes I was joking when I told her she could be my bride; perhaps that was a bit too forward even for me.

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  1. dsong says:

    Unfortunately you seem to be hitting home with several of your points… your diary seems to be less of a parody with each passing episode.

    Amazing as to how KyoAni managed to turn Kanon into a mindless fluff harem anime for 5 episodes. Maybe they’re trying to pull a Da Capo and stick in one dramatic scenario after another in the last 10 episodes.

    The trouble is, will I survive long enough to get to the good part?

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