Dicemasters Season 2: Introduction

Greetings, Dicemasters fans! We got a lot of letters from you after the end of arc one, telling us how much you liked the first season and how you hoped to see more adventures with Chip and the gang (note: actual letters may not exist). Well fear not, for we’re here today to announce details on the second season of Dicemasters, a rollercoaster ride that will put the first season to shame. So without further ado, let’s go into the details of our second arc- Dice League!

Chip Roller has become quite the local celebrity since his adventures on Dice Island, and if there’s one person who can’t stand it, it’s his self-declared rival, Ace die Master. When he isn’t running his company or spending time in the hospital with his unconscious brother, Ace is busy practising in the dicing simulators, trying to devise a strategy that will put Chip to shame. And now, the time has finally come to test his skills in the most drawn out and convoluted way possible- through a Dice City wide League tournament.

However, what was meant to be a simple tournament soon becomes something far more sinister when the hooded bishie Mars Cubehart sends out his Dicebreakers to infiltrate the games and hunt down our heroes’ DESTINED DICE. Will this new wave of enemies prove to be too much for even Chip and Ace to handle? (Come on, did you really think they would be?)

Vaguely sung to “Jounetsu” from Tokyo Underground.

I want to be a Dice Master!

It is my destiny!

I will seek out the DESTINED DICE!

With my friends supporting me!


Chip Roller: He may have been a beginner 500 episodes ago, but these days Chip is king of the dice halls. Unfortunately, it’s boring when there’s no one up to your level, so he jumps at the chance to miss a few more days of school in order to participate in Ace’s tournament and face off against some of the best Dice-players in the world. He wields the DESTINED DIE of Fire.

Pip Tetrad: Chip’s best friend is as hot-headed as ever, but by now he’s marginally better at dicing. Unfortunately, he just can’t shake the feeling that he shouldn’t rely on Chip so much, and in typical sidekick fashion, he tries to strike out on his own, only to mess up more than ever. Will the power of FRIENDSHIP see him through?

Felicity “Flick” Cubis: For five hundred episodes Flick stood on the sidelines and cheered for her best friends Pip and Chip, and never once did they suspect that she was in actual fact a Dice Agent working for none other than Mars Cubehart. This time around, Flick finds herself torn between her loyalty to Mars and the power of FRIENDSHIP, and she might even show a spark of dicing ability- at least until her inevitable defeat in the exciting “Chip vs. Flick” storyline.

Ace die Master: It’s a hard life being an anti-hero- you spend all your time training, and the storyline still demands that you always come in second to the main character. Like all anti-heroes, however, Ace isn’t about to give up on his futile quest to regain his number one spot, and hence he decides to hold a tournament to determine once and for all just who the superior Dice Master is. He wields the DESTINED DIE of Dragons.

Deuce die Master: Poor Deuce has been conveniently stuck in a coma since the first arc, and although he is regularly visited by his brother in hospital, he remains asleep until partway through the current storyline. On awakening, though, Deuce isn’t quite the man he used to be- at crucial points in the plot, he falls back under the control of his evil alter ego, Six. He wields the DESTINED DIE of Lightning.

Two: The imaginatively named Two is back to lock horns with Pip and give his dicing skills a spin at the same time. Unfortunately he spends more time running around than playing, and is completely relegated to the sidelines after a run-in with the Dicebreakers.

Three: The beautiful seductress is back, and this time she’s determined to prove herself (who isn’t?) a true Dice Master by winning one of Mars’ DESTINED DICE. Unfortunately, her failure to acknowledge the power of FRIENDSHIP proves to be her downfall in the more important matches.

Evan: An agent of the Dicemasters regulation bureau, sent to put a stop to the Dicebreakers by taking part in the tournament.

Mars Cubehart: The head of a rich and powerful English family, Mars divides his time between his quest for world domination, and that all important search for the perfect cup of Earl Grey. His hooded attire hides both his bishie looks and his sinister dice-related plans. It is rumoured that he holds no fewer than three DESTINED DICE- those of Ice, Sun and Wind.

Ichi: A ruthlessly logical Dicebreaker, he easily defeats Two and is only brought down by Pip. He steals the DESTINED DICE of Wind from his master in the hopes of a quick victory, but loses it to his opponent.

Ni: As a Water Deck user, Ni’s deck has every counter to Chip’s Fire-based strategies. Can a die that Flick slipped into Chip’s deck save the day?

San: A dog-lover, San relies entirely on dice based around canine monsters, resulting in many cheesy quips at his expense such as “stop barking about how you’re going to win” and “I’ll put you down like the sick dog you are”.

Shi: A young woman, and twin sister to Go; her favourite colour is red. A confident and bouncy loudmouth, she always plays in a tag team with her quieter brother.

Go: Shi’s twin brother, his favourite colour is blue. Quiet and reserved, he always plays in a tag team with his sister.

Roku: Roku’s family has served the Cubeharts for generations, and Roku is no exception. He and Mars grew up together, and despite Mars’ bursts of coldness toward him, Roku remains convinced that his master is a good man at heart. Mars lends him the DESTINED DIE of Sun for his Dice League battles.

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