Mai-HiME the RPG: Episode 4

RPG Maker is a minefield of subtle traps, all designed to ensure that the event you planned doesn’t work as you had envisioned. In episode four, my problem was that characters weren’t moving the way they were meant to after they first appeared on the map; fortunately, sticking in a short wait (my answer to everything) between the time they appeared and the time they started moving solved the problem. That’s the trouble with RPG Maker- it isn’t always clear which events will try to run simultaneously and thus mess up your carefully laid plans.

As well as tidying up a couple of things from earlier episodes, I’ve decided to alter my Kagutsuchi and Dhuran animations. I’ll also be attempting a tentacle attack animation which hopefully won’t look too awful.

Mai is caught sleeping in class. This scene isn’t vital to the storyline, but I kept it in since it clarifies the fact that there is a jump in time between the end of episode three and the beginning of four.

After swimming class, Natsuki’s class discovers that their underwear has been taken.

Over lunch, Chie, Aoi, Mai and Mikoto discuss the underwear thefts.

Natsuki’s attempt to avoid being seen without her panties fails spectacularly.

A freak wind shows off more than Natsuki ever wanted anyone other than Shizuru to see.

In the bathroom, Mai has a good laugh at Natsuki’s expense.

Outside, Natsuki warns Mai that they are not the only HiME in the school, whilst Mikoto suddenly remembers seeing the panty thief earlier.

Haruka resolves to catch the panty thief and show up that ‘bubuzuke woman’.

When the Orphan that has been stealing the panties drops a pair on Takeda, Haruka’s underlings assume he is the culprit.

Natsuki explains that she does not believe Takeda is the culprit.

Natsuki’s collection is used to lure out the culprit.

Natsuki asks Mai to contribute her bra to the effort.

Unfortunately, Natsuki and the others are caught napping, enabling the thief to get away with the precious collection.

Upon following it out to the school field, Natsuki discovers the thief is not alone.

The first battle of the episode is against a squad of panty thieves.

Once the smaller thieves are defeated, they combine to form a huge Orphan. This is the enemy that will have the tentacle attack.

Episode four ends, but the underwear collection is now in pieces.

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3 Responses to Mai-HiME the RPG: Episode 4

  1. Skh says:

    Where are the sprites of the underwear ? A field full of panties would look nice 🙂

    I think it’s a good thing to integrate screencaps, it helps for the storytelling, as the basic animations in RPG Maker aren’t enough to tell everything you want. Unless you want to spend hours in Photoshop to create sprites.

    And do you include sound effects, or voices from the anime ? It would be nice, especially in some important parts of the story.

  2. Danny says:

    This is looking really good. I can’t wait till you release all the episodes.

  3. Karura says:

    Sorry, no field of panties- I made a quick animation of the bits of underwear falling from the sky after the battle but it’s just half a second of white sparkles.

    Sound-wise, I’ve yet to do more than put in some background music from the anime but I’ve got a few other sound effects in mind that I want to include, so expect to see (or rather hear) them in the final version.

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