Kanon Harem Diaries Part 12

Entry 12



From an early age, I had a way with women.

I have been remembering a lot more lately; it seems that every time I go to sleep I automatically enter Flashback Mode and uncover more about my past. I must salute my younger self, for only now do I realise that he laid the groundwork for many of my relationships. I was the one who comforted Ayu after her mother died, becoming the only person she could trust and cleave to- I even borrowed money from the ever-obedient Nayuki in order to buy Ayu a doll that could be used as an important plot point. Now that Ayu is finally living with us, I can continue to further my work- since she didn’t have my bath and dinner ready for me when I came home today, she clearly needs further training.


Nonetheless, never let it be said that I let my school hours go to waste. As you know, of late I have been working on Mai, moulding her into my ideal woman. I have to say that this project has been as interesting and rewarding as raising a virtual pet; tonight she even admitted that she wanted to be with me, so we will adjourn to the bedroom later.


My genius is unparallelled.


Damn that Ayu- I thought that keeping her close would enable me to put a stop to her ambitions, but that lolimoe whelp is more cunning than I thought. She merely has to utter one of those accursed ‘uguus’ to have Yuuichi running straight to her. I just do not know what my next step should be- somehow I must make it clear to Ayu that in my house, she follows my rules.


I have been doing my utmost to bring Ayu and Yuuichi together, for it is only in this way that I can safeguard my daughter from him. Even at a young age, Yuuichi had already developed an appetite for women, and I will not let his perverted predations harm my only child.

Yuuichi likes it when we snuggle outside, but it gets cold for me.

I love big sister Nayuki; she is so beautiful and accomplished, not to mention immensely kind for letting me stay at her house. I hope I can be more like big sister Nayuki, for then Yuuichi is sure to love me even more than he does now! Yuuichi has always been so kind to me, especially at night when he takes me into his room and we cuddle up together in his bed. Sometimes he even makes me cuddle up to him outside, but I don’t like that because it is so cold out there without our clothes on. Oh well, if it’s for Yuuichi, I would do anything.


I love Nayuki.



Sayuri, I am so sorry, for what happened to you is all my fault; so overcome was I by feelings for Yuuichi that I broke my promise to always be faithful to HARD YURI, and you suffered as a result. I tried my best to ignore my growing feelings for Yuuichi, but unfortunately the dance festival tipped the balance; unable to control my emotions, I went so far as to even dance with him. Unfortunately, the lingering guilt at the back of my mind summoned the invisible monsters, and my worst fears were realised when they attacked dearest Sayuri in retribution for my infidelity. Sayuri, if there is anything I can do to make things right, I will do it- I would even forsake Yuuichi for you.

Mai, you will never know how happy I am to see you enjoying yourself with Yuuichi. You have always been so lonely and isolated, yet now you can build up your confidence with members of the opposite sex. Having to hang out with me all the time must have been so dull for you, but finally you can make new friends.


I can’t tell you how cold my legs are all the time; some say it is because I wear such a short skirt out in the freezing cold, but I know it is due to my S.A.G.[1] syndrome. Anyway, today I showed Yuuichi my special collection of drugs, although I have not yet confessed their true purpose to him. Much as I dislike being ill, it is the only way I can get men to feel sympathy for me, and so I take these drugs in order to simulate sickness. I must never stop taking them, for then I would become another generic girl.

I have no sister.


Today I dressed up in a fancy costume in the hopes of being noticed and thus selected to be the main character. I haven’t heard anything yet, but I’m keeping my cell phone switched on 24/7 just in case they call me back.

[1] Sick Anime Girl Syndrome: An unspecified illness that affects a certain class of anime female. The symptoms vary with the plot, and are often cured by falling in love with the lead.

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  1. saibotlieh says:

    Those Harem Diaries are always much fun to read, thanks. And I really like what you make of Nayuki and Akiko.

  2. dsong says:

    Thanks once again; keep the innuendos coming. As for the details… you might want to reveal a little less; it leaves us wanting for more.

  3. Karura says:

    This one had to stray into mild spoilers for the jokes I had in mind to work, but that won’t always be the case.

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