Chevalier Alternative 14

D’Eon has always tried to control his desire to dress up in women’s clothing, but these days it’s becoming harder and harder to resist the lure of slipping into that surprisingly comfortable and well-fitting dress. Can d’Eon kick this new habit, or should he just accept this little idiosyncrasy of his?

D’Eon faces the dress that started him on the path of cross-dressing.

“I know it’s wrong, but it just feels so right.”

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Marie demonstrates how to control your opponent with HARD YURI.

“See, Anna? There is nothing that HARD YURI cannot achieve.”

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Durand pays a visit to Guercy, only to find him counting the money he earned from selling his HARD GAY.

Durand wonders if Guercy would be interested in a portfolio of HARD GAY techniques.

Intrigued, Guercy names a price.

Unfortunately, his offer isn’t appealing enough to Durand, who decides to hang onto the portfolio.

As d’Eon finds he cannot resist wearing the dress just one more time, Teillagory realises he looks rather fetching in it.

D’Eon is a little shocked when Queen Charlotte asks for some HARD YURI.

Meanwhile, Wood is delighted to discover that d’Eon is BI.

Teillagory decides to take the opportunity to go on a blind date.

Wood is more than a little shocked when Guercy surprises him from behind with his Zhuge Liang in retribution for brushing him off last episode.

An instant convert, Wood starts enthusing about Guercy’s Zhuge Liang.

Teillagory introduces everyone to his new lover.

Now that they are on good terms, Guercy attempts to seduce Wood by plying him with wine.

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Still frustrated over the lack of Robespierre, Durand decides to relieve his passions by holding an S&M session with Robin.

“Everyone look at me, for I am evil.”

“See, I even have hooded underlings.”

Wood and Charlotte compete for d’Eon’s affections.

A dejected d’Eon comes to terms with the fact that he will always enjoy dressing as a woman.

Robespierre, Whitehead, Giuseppe and Lorenza practise for roles on Jigoku Shoujo.

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