Kanon Harem Diaries Part 13

Entry 13

Everything is going smoothly for me, which I suppose is to be expected for a man of my keen intellect and refined skills. For now, Mai is my main focus, for I am in the middle of raising her- to abandon her would be to risk damaging her stats (just look at where she would be if I hadn’t confronted the student council and single-handedly saved her from expulsion whilst Sayuri and that blonde guy watched me in admiration). Of late, I have even been practising domination techniques with my ‘sword’, for Mai still insists on being in control in the bedroom- a habit I must break. I have also come to learn that she has a mother- this could be a barrier to my plans of inviting Mai to come and live with me.

The man should always be in charge of the sword.

Never let it be said that I am abandoning the other girls, however, for where lesser men would be exhausted by the intense nights with Mai, I still have the energy for more. As well as spending time with Sayuri and Ayu, I have told Shiori that she will be afforded the privilege of a date with me when my schedule eases up. I also tried an ambitious harem integration project by inviting Ayu to one of my night time sessions with Mai; it was unsuccessful, but with a little more individual training Ayu should be able to keep up with the pace.



In case the other girls have begun to catch on to my act, I have made sure to act particularly stupid today- who could suspect a girl who eats breakfast and gets dressed whilst still asleep (ironically, this takes no small amount of skill to pull off). Still, Yuuichi remains occupied with Ayu and Mai, so I must find ways to discredit them.


Sayuri, I am glad that your injury was only minor, but despite my earlier promise to remain faithful to you, there are some things that can only be done with a man. I am sorry, but until I have the courage to confess to you, I must stay with Yuuichi, for he has warmed the cold nights in ways that I never thought possible. I do sense, however, that he is irked by my insistence that I be the one with the ‘sword’ in this relationship.

I always thought I would be happy when Mai finally got a boyfriend, but seeing her together with Yuuichi has stirred some strange feelings in me…it is almost as if I am jealous. I cannot help thinking back to the time when I first met Mai, and of all the good times we had when it was just the two of us. What should I do? Are these feelings what people call HARD YURI?

I can’t wait to go out with Yuuichi!

It has taken a while, but at long last Yuuichi has agreed to go on a date with me when he gets the chance. Once the date is set, I must ease up on the sickness-inducing drugs, or I will not be able to enjoy it properly.


I love Big Brother Yuuichi almost as much as I love taiyaki, but lately he wants me to do such strange things- for example, tonight he made me come to the school with him for something called a ‘threesome’ with him and Mai. I was really confused about what I was supposed to be putting where, so he sent me home- I hope he isn’t angry with me. He always says I am his number one girl, after all.

Did I mention that I have no sister?

My time as the lead is coming!

People keep telling me I am foolish to assume that I will ever become the lead, but now in response I can merely point to the events of today. Like a true hero, I saved Mai from the wrath of the student council by supporting Yuuichi’s sword dance story; now the other characters will have no choice but to acknowledge me. Still, I realise I have much to decide upon- just who should be in my harem when my time comes?

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  1. dsong says:

    Ayu’s line was a classic – well done.

    Looking forward to more of your entries. Not sure when Yuuichi will add to his score – which still stands at 1 so far.

    As for the anime itself – not sure what it’s missing. Maybe the girls’ personalities were designed with H-content in mind? I think KyoAni should’ve reworked the girls’ characteristics if they were going to drop the H – they just don’t seem to fit for some reason.

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