Busou Renkin 14: Six minutes of recap and seventeen minutes of Pleasure

It’s a hard life being a Shounen Jump character; just when you want to get down to the action, you have to stand around recapping what happened in the last episode. Perhaps it’s just as well to give Kazuki a breather, however, for his next opponent may just be the most HARD GAY one yet…

Kazuki’s friends try to force him to get on with the plot by denying him any HARD GAY.

Tokiko and Kazuki run endlessly down a poorly animated corridor.

Butterfly is dying from the intense HARD GAY Papillon gave him.

The damage cannot be reversed, for the old man’s contract has expired.

Fortunately, he lives just long enough to describe Victor, the perfect HARD GAY man he has devoted his life to.

Papillon is desperate to become as HARD GAY as Victor…

…but only the man himself has the answers as to how that state can be achieved.

With his dying words, Butterfly confesses his love for Victor.

Kazuki powers up his lance.

As the main character, Kazuki gets to be the first to have HARD GAY with Victor.

“You’ll have to do better than that to excite me.”

“Your HARD GAY is most disappointing.”

“…he is truly the epitome of HARD GAY.”

Just the sight of Victor is enough to excite anyone to Pleasure status.

“No one can resist the Pleasure I offer.”

“To me, Pleasure is vital to my very existence; I cannot exist out of this heightened state.”

“Only my death can end the Pleasure!”

“Can you withstand direct HARD GAY from me?”

Kazuki gets himself in the mood.

The climax is near.

 A jealous Tokiko decides to join in.

Unfortunately, she is caught in the thrall of Pleasure.

Victor has clearly been watching Yu-Gi-Oh.

Foolish Tokiko, only the main character can be effective in this battle.

Kazuki burns with Destined Main Character HARD GAY power.

“Ah, I see you are a main character. In that case, I should actually put up a fight until my inevitable defeat at your hands.”

“Now feel the full force of my HARD GAY!”

“I’m not afraid of you; you’re just an opponent of the week!”

In a war of attrition, Kazuki is certain that his HARD GAY can hold out.

The destined encounter occurs.

The shock of the impact is enough to crush Kazuki’s ‘lance’.

“Stop leaving me out.”

“You are a supporting character who cannot even withstand my Pleasure.”

“I may not have a hope of defeating you, but I’m sure the plot won’t let Kazuki lose!”

“He has been a HARD GAY warrior for two whole months- long enough to become stronger than those who have trained for years!”

“How can he be a main character when he cannot even survive the intensity of my HARD GAY?”

“He’s not dead yet; his ‘lance’ is still throbbing!”

“I have discovered the secret of your ultimate HARD GAY- now nothing can stop me!”

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