Harvest Moon Anton’s Diary: Year 1 Spring Part II

Day 16
My hard work yesterday came with a price when I was unable to wake up until 8am this morning. Fortunately, my mood soon lifted when I saw that the rain had cleared up, and after pottering about with the crops, I swiftly headed into town to spend my hard-earned gold. I had meant to flirt with the girls today but unfortunately in the excitement of upgrading to a medium rucksack (it may look the same, but it holds twice as many items, which will save me from running around quite as much), turning my axe in for upgrading to copper and buying more turnip seeds, I didn’t have the time. If I cannot get a girl, I will doubtless have to leave this town after three years, but at least I can take my profits and go and live the good life in the city.

Day 17
The monotony of life here was relieved somewhat when I discovered that a new chick had hatched this morning- I have named her Topaz. Unfortunately, even as I was celebrating this small ray of sunshine in my otherwise dull life, the Mayor came over to tell me there is a horse race tomorrow- I wish the villagers would stop bothering me with their frivolous concerns.

Once he left, I harvested the few vegetables that had sprouted, watered the garden and spent the rest of the day chopping weeds. I took a few breaks for a dip in the hot springs and a journey to the Poultry Farm to replenish my chicken feed supplies; disinterested as I am in women, I may try chatting to Popuri every day in order to relieve the pointlessness of my daily routine.

I have also come to realise that my hammer is a lot weaker than it should be; however, since there are no rocks left to smash, I will have to level it up by randomly swinging it around each evening before bed. Luckily my house seems impervious to damage, so I need not worry about breaking anything.

Day 18
After harvesting the latest batch of cucumbers and seeing to my chickens, I decided to head out to the mine in order to find some silver for my hammer upgrade. Unfortunately, my efforts only rewarded me with copper, gold and mystrile, and without any way to store them, I was forced to sell these ores instead of saving them for later.

Although I was reluctant to do so, I decided to break the routine by attending the day’s horse race. Although I had no interest in either the racing or the villagers attending it, the mayor forced me to watch races until 6pm, when I was finally allowed to go home and finish my chores on the farm. By the time I had got everything done, it was already 2am, but I practised some more with my pathetically weak hammer before stumbling into bed.

Day 19
I should have known that staying up late was a bad idea, for this morning I could not rouse myself out of bed until 8am. In between my normal tasks, I devoted today to mindlessly bashing a large rock with my hammer; despite devoting most of time and energy to this task, the hammer is still at a lowly 140%- I must raise it to 200% if I wish for it to become the silver hammer I so desperately need.

I also spent time in the mine hunting for that all-important silver ore. Mining is as tedious and repetitive as everything else in this life, but unlike farming, it gives me time to think. Thanks to my time underground, I have come to realise that interacting with the villagers is pointless, for they are simplistic beings with only limited responses. I must not cultivate a relationship with them, for what could be worse than being invited to spend the rest of my life in this place? What if I were to actually marry one of the girls, and even have a child with her? Such nightmarish thoughts must not even be entertained.

Day 20
Today was a disaster; in a desperate effort to level up my hammer I spent ages in the mine whacking it on the ground (I say ages but time doesn’t flow indoors, a fact which I wished to take advantage of), interspersing my work with hot springs baths to restore my stamina. Finally, I was ready to go to the blacksmith in order to collect my axe and turn in my hammer for upgrading, but as usual, my rucksack was full and I had to go back home to empty it before our business could proceed.

Whilst in town, I made sure to pick up some more turnip seeds and chicken feed, but unfortunately this left far too little of the day for actual farm work. In desperation, I worked until 1am, but I still did not have time to finish the watering and tend to my horse and dog (not that I have even seen the dog in days).

On the bright side, my latest chick hatched today. I have named her Coral.

Day 21
Following yesterday’s fiasco, I decided to take it easy today, which brought that harsh realisation that I need only feed adult chickens, and thus have been wasting food on chicks (who, for some reason, have no need of sustenance). After completing all the usual chores and still failing to find the dog, I decided to take the chance to use my new copper axe to chop up stumps. There is something oddly cathartic about chopping wood, for I imagine it to be the Mayor’s head and then swing with all my might.

Tomorrow is supposed to be some festival or another, but I hardly care about such things any more. I did give a bamboo shoot to a girl today, but she seemed so young and nervous that I felt like a lolicon just for talking to her.

Day 22
I ignored my festival obligations today in favour of wandering around Mother Hill; I found nothing of use, but was disappointed to discover that the stumps I had cut down had all magically re-grown overnight; why is this world so harsh? After wasting many hours in fruitless wandering, I returned to the farm to chop up more stumps. More weeds have grown, but I find them better company than the villagers; how I hate the villagers, always judging me and finding me wanting just because I refuse to buy gifts or grease their palms with my hard-earned cash. Who knew a simple farming village could hide such undercurrents?

On a more positive note, Potato returned today; I can now concentrate on getting him to love me again.

Day 23
Have I really been at this farm for over three weeks? I am not exaggerating when I say that it feels more like an eternity. Today I concentrated on the usual tasks and tilled the fields some more; it is a tedious routine, but one I must stick to. Unfortunately, the damn dog keeps getting in the way, for unlike my other animals, it is unwilling to stay in its enclosure indefinitely. Some say I am cruel to never let my animals see the sun, but it truly is the most efficient method to pursue, for I cannot afford to waste time rounding them all up on a rainy day.

Day 24
My latest chick hatched today; her name is Jade, and her arrival coincided with Topaz magically becoming a full-grown chicken. Other men in my position may need friends and wives, but all I need are my beloved chickens. After harvesting my crops (ah, sweet profits), I was forced to go into town today in order to pick up my silver hammer; much as I hate interacting with the villagers, it was worth it for the satisfaction of being able to smash large rocks with my upgraded hammer. Just out of interest, I enquired about gifts for the girls, only to discover that they cost 1000G each! Does this place think I am made of money?

The dog has vanished again, I do not know whether to be upset or glad about our inconsistent relationship.

Day 25
Today I was forced to go into town to pick up more Turnip Seeds and Chicken Feed; I swear, every time I talk to those damned villagers they just make the exact same replies to me! After a hard day of planting the last batch of spring seeds, I cleared the fields some more. I have now amassed 106 pieces of firewood, which will hopefully come in handy in the future.

Day 26
It was raining today, a weather condition I always greet with happiness, since it saves me 4-5 hours of watering in the morning. Unfortunately, the damned dog is back, and no matter where I put it, it seems impossible to make it take shelter in its doghouse. The rest of the day was spending clearing the land. The season is ending soon, which means I have spent nearly a quarter of a year stuck on this farm, wearing these stupid clothes. I still miss my old life.

Day 27
I am certain that my life is in the hands of a cruel and capricious god; if I were to slack off, my farm would fall into disrepair, but when I work hard, my weakened body craves another two hours in bed, disrupting the daily schedule. Today my fifth chicken, Opal, was born, whilst Coral reached maturity; for now I cannot house any more chickens, but I have big plans for expansion (I may not wish to remain at this farm, but the profits will go towards my new life in the city come year four). A lack of rain today meant that I had to manually water the fields, but it is some small consolation that I have pretty much cleared the growing area of weeds, rocks and tree stumps. Of course, more weeds will grow, but such is the callous cruelty of nature.

Day 28
Today I finally went down to the docks in the hopes of gaining a free Fishing Rod, but alas, it seems that the time for that particular gift has passed. I had hoped to be able to forget the tedium or my normal life by indulging in the completely different tedium of fishing, but now I see that even such a simple hope is denied to the likes of me. With that pursuit ruled out, I decided to head back to the mine in search of the gold I need to upgrade my watering can; I am hoping that a gold watering can will cut down the daily work considerably.

Day 29
In my excitement about upgrading the watering can, I accidentally ate two valuable turnips this morning; not only they were raw and hideous, but I cut down my profits by needlessly consuming them. Fortunately, I was able to make it to the blacksmith’s without further incident, where even now my precious watering can is being plated with gold, a course that shall imbue it with mystical properties. With the watering can out of my hands, I turned my attention to the last major turnip harvest of the season, before dutifully attending to all the animals. Seiran tried to come outside today, but I pushed him back indoors before he could get a taste of freedom.

Day 30
The last day of Spring is finally here, and in a change from every other day, it was one that required little work from me. After finishing what few chores remained to me this season, I headed down to the inn (for the first time ever) to purchase some Pineapple and Pink Cat Seeds from the yellow garbed Won. I had not previously realised that pink cats grew from seeds, but the country is a strange place.

Unfortunately, it seems as if other men have begun muscling in on my girls. I hardly care for any of the women, but it doesn’t seem right that they should go to anyone else either. Starting this summer, I will begin to make the girls mine, for perhaps then I can delegate farm work to them.

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