Romance of the Three Kingdoms 37

Damn those heroic heroes of Justice! They’ve foiled Cao Cao’s chaotic plans twice now, but he’ll get them one day- get them and make them pay, damn it! What a shame no one told Cao Cao that he’s the villain of this series, and that means he must always lose, historical accuracy or not…

“How dare the heroes continually foil me!?”

As a typical blundering villain, Cao Cao has to rely on his underlings for ideas and advice.

Nonetheless, he is afraid to embrace any other idea that may see him lose a HARD GAY partner.

HARD GAY events are always heralded with much excitement in Liu Bei’s camp.

Zhang Fei has been busy mastering the principles of Bow.

Xu Shu explains how he was nothing more than a sex toy for Cao Cao.

Zhuge Liang understands his plight.

“…for I am righteous and good.”

“…whereas he is chaotic and evil.”

Xu Shu takes the opportunity to be HARD GAY with Liu Bei one last time.

Being a laughing stock of people is as bad as poking a fun at this series.

“Fear not, My Lord, for I will never show him my advanced HARD GAY techniques.”

Even a righteous hero needs to confer with his underlings allies in the struggle for justice from time to time.

Even the common folk know that Cao Cao is pure evil.

Guan Ping is rather too ambitious for a character who isn’t even playable in the Dynasty Warriors games.

Zhang Fei moves in to prevent Guan Ping from straying from the path of HARD GAY.

Guan Yu furtively looks around to make sure no one has spotted him heading off to ‘attend to’ his horse.

“Damn it, use your Bow, man!”

Cue some ineffectual fist shaking.

‘Cool’ was a well known slang term in the third century.

Zhang Fei bares his chest to show Guan Ping what he will be missing if he abandons HARD GAY.

“Such an act is truly chaotic and evil!”

Liu Bei, the master of running and hiding.

Zhang Fei is used to guarding the rear- in every sense of the word.

Cao Cao salivates over his latest conquest.

Unfortunately, the boy is just too young to have the stamina for an all-nighter.

Cao Cao is familiar with the appetites and preferences of naval men, and cannot wait to get his hands on 80,000 of them.

“Damn you, I’ll get you this time!”

Zhuge Liang instructs his bold and righteous master to run and hide.

“Fear not, even without you, his HARD GAY needs will be catered for.”

Just in case he didn’t understand the first time…

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  1. anonymous says:

    lol you’re stupid.. consulting “advisors” then allowing other generals to hear of the advice or idea, leaving room for changes or objections or all agreed on is the most effective way of planning strategies..idiot.. btw, this piece of shit for a site takes up valuable internet space. i really admire those GREAT people.. esp Zhuge Liang, he was brilliant in his era. they have done GREAT things in the past, and do not deserve your lame excuse for a humour.. understand??

  2. Karura says:

    I wonder who’s the real idiot, the person who writes a “p.o.s. site” or the grammatically challenged person who has nothing better to do than troll when they could be studying more factual accounts of the era than Dynasty Warriors, this anime or even the Three Kingdoms novel.

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