Busou Renkin 15: Super Saiyan Hollow Kazuki

Kazuki has pushed himself harder than any other man in his quest to become more HARD GAY, but has he gone too far this time? Transformed into an ultimate HARD GAY entity, Kazuki’s desires start spiralling out of control, making him a danger to everyone around him? Can Tokiko help Kazuki get a handle on his raging emotions?

“…the sign of an ultimate HARD GAY being.”

Victor and Kazuki reach new heights of Hyper Self Pleasure.

An intense HARD GAY encounter gets underway.

“Come over here and get me, bad boy.”

Victor realises that he will need to set aside some time in order to properly enjoy what Kazuki has to offer.

“I have had sufficient HARD GAY for today…”

“…however, I will score properly with you one day.”

Victor warns Kazuki that he will now have to live with the frustration of never being able to find a partner to satisfy him in bed.

Tokiko holds onto Kazuki to prevent him from going after his new lover.

Tokiko resolves to do whatever Kazuki wants in bed, no matter how strenuous or kinky.

‘Unobtrusive’ is not in Papillon’s vocabulary.

Papillon reveals that he has been practising for the part of Karin in the hopes that the series of the same name will be remade.

Papillon tells Kazuki that his Zhuge Liang is not satisfied, merely dormant.

Kazuki proposes a mid-air threesome to relieve the tension.

Papillon warns Kazuki to take care when performing mid-air HARD GAY.

Kazuki tells him that there is no reason to be concerned.

“If you’re going to sleep together, make sure the teachers don’t catch you.”

Moonface compliments Bravo’s HARD GAY.

Nonetheless, he is understandably worried, since few men can entertain thirty Moonfaces without getting exhausted.

Bravo proves to be man enough to satisfy the Moonfaces.

The night ends with a bondage session.

“Who knew a Zhuge Liang could be used in that way? At long last, I am satisfied!”

Moonface seems to get uglier with each passing episode.

Papillon wonders if Hyper Self Pleasure is the only way forward.

How did I ever find this disturbing moon-faced man interesting?

Back in the dorm, Rokumasu decides that they must finish their current HARD GAY before playing punishment games with Kazuki.

Tokiko feels unprepared when Kazuki announces that she will be attending a weekend date with him.

She is shocked to hear about the sort of bondage games they will be playing whilst away.

Kazuki claims that she will disappoint the group if she doesn’t join in.

The girls do not care what HARD GAY and BI games are played, as long as no one gets hurt…too badly.

Later that evening, Tokiko explains that she is very selective about who she sleeps with.

At the beach, Kazuki implies that Okakura’s Zhuge Liang has grown.

Okakura explains that there is no limit to its size.

Tokiko wonders why Kazuki is getting so excited when they have already been intimate many times.

Tokiko wonders if Bravo remembers about the date they planned.

Bravo tells her to be patient and wait her turn.

“Don’t mind me, I’m just a new named character making a teaser appearance.”

The new guy reveals that he already aspires to Tokiko’s bed.

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