Busou Renkin 16: We could have been HARD GAY forever…

Kazuki has always looked up to Captain Bravo, the man who taught him to upgrade and refine his HARD GAY, but ever since he gained the black Kakugane, Bravo has been simmering with jealousy at the new HARD GAY possibilities that have opened up for his student. Can this end in any other way than a man on man showdown?

Tentacles and girls in swimsuits…it’s not like I even need to parody this series.

Rokumasu inflicts a punishment game on Kazuki by removing his trunks with a fishing rod.

Okakura decides to experiment with BI.

Bravo offers Okakura some encouragement as he enters the world of BI.

He also cannot resist showing off his own skills.

Bravo’s special skill works on both men and women.

The girls feel the full force of his Pleasure power.

Just as Bravo hoped, Okakura immediately volunteers for some ‘special training’.

Unfortunately, Kazuki cannot achieve the same effect.

Bravo is interested to learn whether there were any mass HARD GAY events whilst he was away.

Foolish boy, this is a fighting series.

Kazuki is eager to get back to his HARD GAY sessions with Bravo.

After all, he needs to strengthen himself if he is to keep pace with Victor.

Bravo is all too eager to arrange a midnight rendezvous.

Okakura plans to deflower Kazuki, temporarily forgetting that it is far too late for that.

The men enjoy some relaxing HARD GAY in the baths.

Okakura dreams of BI pairings.

Tokiko has to settle for a night with new character Gouta.

Tokiko is not impressed with his technique.

The tea-sipping Alchemists Guild is mentioned.

Bravo tries to argue that the show is not an inferior rip-off of FMA.

Tokiko is now so unimportant that her roles are restricted to cheerleading and fighting low level opponents.

“You’re breaking up with me?”

“I refuse to believe it! I’m the main character, you know!”

Ominous words indeed.

Although their relationship is about to come to an end, Bravo cannot help but want one last bout of HARD GAY from Kazuki.

Kazuki tries to oblige, but his ‘lance’ isn’t feeling up to it.

Kazuki is amazed to see his ‘lance’ evolve.

What sort of HARD GAY will this new lance allow?

Bravo doesn’t know, but he can’t wait to find out.

Kazuki is pleased at the performance of his new lance.

Together with his HARD GAY training, it can ensure that he achieves the ultimate experience.

Bravo is unimpressed by the short length of the new lance.

“You call a short thing like that a proper HARD GAY tool?”

Kazuki proves that his new lance is indeed capable of the type of HARD GAY Bravo desires.

Tokiko is disappointed to be missing out on the love-in.

Bravo is forced to acknowledge the strength of Kazuki’s ‘lance’.

Few men have such precise control over the attributes of their ‘weapon’.

“Thanks for the compliment; you’re not bad yourself.”

Bravo explains that he has had to prove his HARD GAY to all the higher-ups in order to reach his current rank.

Phase Two of their encounter begins.

Kazuki enters full-on HARD GAY mode, confident that Bravo can take it.

Bravo and Kazuki move on to bondage.

Bravo warns against the dangers of getting overexcited.

Gouta: At last, a chance for me to be the lead!

Tokiko: Shut up and help me find Kazuki. KAZUKII!!!!!

A cliffhanger ending…will Kazuki possibly survive? Are fat cats lazy? Find out next week.

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  1. jeffx says:

    You’re hilarious!

  2. dazeweeble says:

    I really don’t like your posts, ever since I started reading them I now watch Busou Renkin trying to pick up all the HARD GAY moments that’ll be in your blog…keep up the good work! *thumbs up* BRAVO!

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