Romance of the Three Kingdoms 38

The time has come for Liu Bei to run and hide yet again, but this time he might just be able to make a fortunate escape- from his wife! Xiang Lan has been a little demanding of late, so what better opportunity to dispose of her and enjoy full time HARD GAY with Zhuge Liang and the lads?

Zhang Fei looks forward to some intense action.

Damn, who else was he expecting?

“5000 men having HARD GAY and I can’t join in.”

It is the righteous thing to do, after all.

Women and children are advised to remain off screen whilst the men get down to battle.

Cao Cao patiently waits for Cao Hong to service him.

“…even the accidental death of a spouse.”

Liu Bei is disappointed when he finds out he is too late for HARD GAY.

“Zhao Yun is straight? You must be joking!”

Zhao Yun levels up his Sword.

Throw yourself down a well, damn it!

Scholars at the world’s most prestigious universities have deeply analysed the ROTK anime, and have suggested that chaos is a recurring theme in the series Personally, I can’t see what they’re talking about.

Zhao Yun gives Liu Bei’s son his first HARD GAY experience.

Given his lineage, it is no surprise that the boy swiftly takes to it.

Zhao Yun is certainly satisfied.

I have to admit that I prefer the Dynasty Warriors version of Zhang He- let’s just say he was more distinctive.

All the best HARD GAY men are.

Xun Yu politely suggests that Cao Cao shouldn’t want to sleep with every man he meets.

Zhang He is eager for some HARD GAY.

Despite Xun Yu’s earlier advice, Cao Cao cannot help but desire Zhang Fei.

Zhang Fei is only too ready to give him some ‘snake spear’.

“Damn you! I asked you out first!”



“It happened again!”

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