Saiunkoku Monogatari 24: The dangers of wood

I always feel that screencap parodies are the lazy woman’s post; not that they don’t require their own kind of effort (not to mention the fact that some have a word count rivalling that of an editorial piece), but the high image content always leaves me feeling I haven’t done much. Nonetheless, some series really do need this treatment, and so it is that my beloved SaiMono has finally graduated to individual parody status. Since I did 1-22 in a single article, and then covered 23 in a Tuesday Rumble, I shall commence this new series with episode 24.

‘Lin Senya’ is a man who likes his BI.

He could stand to work a little on complimenting people, however.

Today is the day of HARD GAY. Even though he has been without it for a while, Ensei would still rather conserve himself in the bedroom.

Ensei reminds Seiran that it is time to get his ‘sword’ out.

His tastes may be notoriously picky…

…but once he gets into the bedroom, his ‘sword’ is a match for any man.

Ensei passes judgment on Kokujun’s HARD GAY abilities.

Even women and children are better at it than he is.

Nonetheless, Ensei is hopeful that Kokujun will mature into a fine HARD GAY partner one day.

Seiran is not so sure that Kokujun is ready for the HARD GAY side.

Ensei and Seiran cross ‘swords’ with some generics.

Soujun has yet to hear of the immunity afforded to most named characters.

“Damn” is not restricted to the Three Kingdoms era.

Just like Hakuoro in the Utawarerumono game, Soujun decides to attack the only enemy he can hope to match- a wooden table. It is, after all, better looking, less generic and more well paid than he is.

Soujun dreams of castrating his bishier enemies.

Eigetsu is happy to get a new HARD GAY partner, even if it is only Kokujun.

Seiran’s bishiness is infamous…

…but Ensei is less well received.

Despite the anti-HARD GAY implications, Ensei decides that it is time to shed the facial hair.

Some screencaps need no caption, but form decrees that I write something anyway.

“How dare you admit you were HARD GAY whilst I wasn’t around to take advantage of that fact!?”

“I’m glad I turned BI after all.”

“Would you like to join my harem? It’s open to both men and women.”

Uncle Reishin wants Shuurei all to himself.

Meishou fondly recalls the HARD GAY days with Seiran and Ensei.

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