Busou Renkin 17: Kazuki’s Harem

Bravo may have broken up with Kazuki, but now isn’t the time to be miserable; instead, Kazuki must start building up a reliable harem to take away the pain of his loss. Tokiko will be first wife, of course, but many others (both male and female) will be needed to satiate Kazuki’s ever-growing appetite for HARD GAY and BI. Who will step forward and answer the call?

Tokiko and Gouta experience intense Pleasure.

The culprit, of course is Kazuki, for water is a good conductor of Pleasure (as carried by particles known as pleasurons).

Tokiko admits that she was the one who turned Kazuki BI.

“If you think his tastes are wrong, then so are mine, for I am BI too.”

Gouta is immediately jealous of Kazuki and Tokiko’s BI.

“I smoke because I’m cool.”

Hiwatari wishes he could have been part of Bravo and Kazuki’s HARD GAY.

Bravo taunts him with details of their encounter.

Oka admits that she wants to be a member of Kazuki’s harem.

Tokiko finds that she doesn’t have the stamina to keep up with Kazuki’s demands for BI.

Papillon explains his bedroom philosophy.

“If we’re going to sleep together, you should at least do something- otherwise I might as well have Hyper Self Pleasure.”

Papillon explains that he likes to be on top.

Oka realises that she has no choice but to sleep with Papillon if she wishes to get to Kazuki.

Tokiko explains to Kazuki that it is poor etiquette to exhaust your partner.

Kazuki is unsure of how to restrain himself once the mood gets intense.

Tokiko promises six weeks of intense BI to help them adjust to each other’s relative levels.

This snail is an unpleasant reminder of Maki Maki.

Hiwatari wonders why Gouta has returned for HARD GAY when he was assigned to BI.

“I guess you weren’t good enough for her, eh?”

Upon hearing once again of Kazuki’s HARD GAY prowess, Hiwatari decides that he must get some firsthand experience.

Gouta has other ideas, and asks for a four way HARD GAY session.

Hiwatari explains the principles of SPEED GAY.

These chakra are somewhat smaller than I had envisioned.

“Just you and me, in one explosive HARD GAY encounter.”

It is always good to find out basic facts about the people you work with before you end up fighting them.

Gouta practises for an upcoming role in Air Gear.

Yes, that isn’t a contradiction at all.

Okakura dreams of his Zhuge Liang.

There is no limit to how much it can enlarge.

“HARD GAY at this time of day?”

The girls are upset that Tokiko didn’t come home in time for HARD YURI.

“Damn, it will be harder for us to get screen time now.”

Gouta’s HARD GAY potential is discussed.

“I don’t want to alarm anyone, but my throat seems to be on fire.”

Tokiko and Kazuki complain about the lost threesome.

Gouta arrives to fill in as third man, and is immediately told his duties.

“Your HARD GAY wasn’t bad.”

Kazuki and Gouta admit that they might have pleasured themselves too intensely.

“Here’s to a long and fruitful HARD GAY relationship.”

HEALTH WARNING! The last few pictures may cause long-term distress.

Who can blame you, Oka?

It’s hard to say whether the front or back view is worse.

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  1. Hinano says:

    Me and JP always read your blog entries and he’s always like “you know she doesnt even NEED to parody half the time…the scenes speak for themselves” X’D

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