Saiunkoku Monogatari 26

Despite his best efforts, Meishou is no longer able to deny that he is nothing more than a mid-boss- and even a HARD GAY past with Seiran and Ensei can’t save him from his inevitable fate. But just who is the true villainous mastermind behind this arc? Here’s a few clues- he’s pink-haired, bishie and BI…

Ryuuren explains the convenience of having fruit growing out of your head.

“Damn you!”

Soujun still has an inflated idea of his own importance.

Meishou openly admits that Soujun’s HARD GAY is rather weak and unimpressive.

“What do you mean, I’m only a level one generic?”

Eigetsu decides to take advantage of Kourin.

Meishou selects Seiran for his bed.

Ensei is judged unworthy, and is handed over to his men as a plaything.

“Without your ‘staff’, you cannot possibly be HARD GAY enough to pleasure me.”

Having spent many hours with Ensei, Seiran knows better.

“I guess he never thought you were worthy of full-on HARD GAY from him.”


Meishou tries to get the upper hand by threatening to deprive Seiran and Ensei of a HARD GAY partner.

Although Eigetsu is beginning to consider BI, Yougetsu is committed to only loving men.

Ryuuren feels an instant attraction to Yougetsu.

Meishou tries out the all-purpose phrase from Fei Wong’s book.

Seiran finally offers HARD GAY to Meishou.

Meishou is only too glad to demonstrate his skills.

Ensei reveals that he and Seiran have been HARD GAY partners for longer than Meishou ever suspected.

In the end, Meishou is no match for Seiran’s HARD GAY.

Note how all the generics stand around motionlessly waiting to be taken down.

Sakujun reveals that he prefers not to be just another man in Shuurei’s harem.

He promises to take care on their first night together.

Sakujun admits that he had an affair with Seiran in the past.

“How dare you besmirch Seiran’s good name?”

Sakujun reveals that Enjun used him as a sex toy when he was alive.

“You cannot resist my bishie charms.”

Chaos: I said it wasn’t just for the Three Kingdoms.

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