Romance of the Three Kingdoms 39

“Kong Ming, you are wrong.”

“Actually, I am right.”

“Yes, I see your point.”

The chaotic Cao Cao fears the righteous Zhuge Liang.

Wu finally gets a mention.

Cao Cao asks his underlings for this week’s evil plan.

No one bothered to tell Cao Cao that China is not the only country in the world.

Sun Quan- important enough to merit a still.

All this happened offscreen, since Wu are not as important.

Is it me, or does he look nothing like his earlier picture?

Zhang Fei has ambitious HARD GAY plans.

Nonetheless, Liu Bei realises that Cao Cao’s HARD GAY is more expansive.

Zhuge Liang proposes just finding men along the way instead of taking their own HARD GAY partners.

“They have many HARD GAY men, but will they sleep with us?”

Zhuge Liang proposes oral methods of allying with Wu.

“That’s easy, I don’t know the answers anyway.”

“Just like usual, then.”

Everyone has heard of Liu Bei.

Interlude- the following section needs no captions.

End interlude.

Zhuge Liang explains that he knows everything.

Running and hiding is what Shu does best.

Zhuge Liang looks forward to renewing his relationship with his brother.

Liu Bei starts to feel pangs of jealousy.

Surrender means instant castration.

“I wish to experience his fabled HARD GAY.”

Zhuge Liang is warned not to try HARD GAY with too many people at once.

Still, he relishes the challenge.

Modesty is one of Zhuge Liang’s virtues.

He is also Righteous, Good and a man of Justice.

An advisor accuses Zhuge Liang of damaging Liu Bei with intense HARD GAY.

“I admit he doesn’t have much strength in the bedroom, but he’s game for anything.”

“I would choose him over any man who refuses to be experimental in the bedroom.”

I can feel myself chuckling even now.

Another advisor wonders how Zhuge Liang would manage HARD GAY with a million men.

“One man, a million, I’ll sleep with as many as want me.”

“Show me your ‘weapon’ before making such claims!”

Zhuge Liang accuses his questioners of being poorly endowed.

“Did you come here to seduce me?”

These are truly chaotic times.

Zhuge Jin looks forward to an intense night with his brother.

Zhuge Liang adds him to the waiting list.

Zhuge Jin understands that he must wait his turn.

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