Saiunkoku Monogatari 29

Seiran and Ensei are back together, but it is clear that their relationship must evolve if they wish to avoid another breakup. Can horses and group HARD GAY add that extra spice that their relationship is currently lacking?

Seiran and Ensei prepare to add horses to their special sessions.

Sai Shin is forced to go without HARD GAY when his son decides to accompany the main characters.

In desperation, he tries to talk Seiran and the others out of it.

“He is known for not seeing his HARD GAY through to the end.”

 “Well, you know how it is- I just get bored waiting for you to stop playing with your ‘abacus’.”

Kouyuu realises that his world map is broken.

Ryuuki apologises for forcing Kouyuu and Ran to have late night HARD GAY with him.

His HARD GAY wasn’t even about love, just necessity.

Kouyuu finds a new form of love with his horse.

“We can’t keep up this rate of HARD GAY and service our horses at the same time- it’s too much!”

“Shuurei has no time for HARD YURI with me now.”

“We generics are so weak that we cannot even kill an unarmed woman.”

“Sucks, doesn’t it? Let’s go and attack some wood instead.”

Sai Shou reveals that he has been thinking about selling HARD GAY.

He’d like to start his new business as soon as possible.

Shuurei worries that having to share his son with paying lovers will not put Sai Shin in the best of moods.

Seiran and Ensei return to the campfire after a quick round of conciliatory HARD GAY in the woods.

Seiran compliments Shuurei’s seduction techniques.

“Damn, why does he always fall asleep straight after HARD GAY?”

“HARD GAY at night, HORSE in the morning- that’s the way to do it.”

“Damn” is no longer enough for some characters.

Ryuuki gets up close and personal with his horse.

Ran is still unsure as to whether HORSE is appropriate for an emperor.

Still, everyone needs to experiment.

Eiki (aka the inheritor of Zhuge Liang’s fan) hates waiting for her lovers to perform.

Even though they seem to be back together, Ensei cannot help but tease Seiran by pointing out that he has other lovers now.

Sai Shou realises that he will need to give it his all in the bedroom if he is to keep up with Ensei’s demands.

An irritated Seiran decides to prove that he is the equal of Sai Shou in the bedroom.

“We’re off for some HARD GAY; see you later!”

“HARD GAY notwithstanding, I hear you’re good at HORSE.”

Ryuuki’s party joins Seiran and Ensei for group HARD GAY.

“Oh yes, that’s good!”

Seiran compliments Ryuuki on his HARD GAY stamina.

The two brothers grip their ‘swords’.

Ensei announces that it is time for the climax of the encounter.

Seiran bends over and prepares to take Ryuuki’s ‘sword’.

Ensei: That was good.
Seiran: I feel a little embarrassed about doing it in the open.

“I love robbing young men of their innocence.”

Ryuuki feels a little awkward after indulging in such an intense HARD GAY experience.

“It’s okay, I won’t tell Shuurei that you’re HARD GAY.”

“I wonder if any night will be as satisfying as what I have experienced today.”

“It’s okay, I have many new techniques to show you.”

“Are you thinking of two-timing me, Ran?”

“Come now, there is nothing wrong with a threesome.”

At the end of the day, Kouyuu still prefers one-on-one HARD GAY.

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