Romance of the Three Kingdoms 40

Liu Bei may be ‘first wife’, but now that he is in Wu, Zhuge Liang sees no harm in trying the local men. Certainly Sun Quan has taken his fancy, but how will he feel about Zhou Yu, a man known to have given up pure HARD GAY in favour of the pursuit of BI?

Zhuge Liang is immediately attracted to Sun Quan.

“I must incite him to come to my bedroom.”

“We must have HARD GAY at once!”

Sun Quan is shocked at the suggestion that he should surrender to his HARD GAY passions.

Later, Zhuge Liang reflects on how open-minded Sun Quan was about trying HARD GAY.

Unfortunately, he is clearly a beginner since he thinks more about the number of partners than strategies to use in the bedroom.

“I’m definitely getting some tonight.”

Zhuge Liang and Sun Quan go out on their first date.

“If I combined my HARD GAY with that of Liu Bei, would it be enough?”


“Cao Cao’s troops are not used to the local ways of HARD GAY.”

“Plus they have no stamina in the bedroom.”

Of course he is, he’s Zhuge Liang.

Sun Quan invites Zhuge Liang to join him in the bedroom.



Zhuge Liang promises him a night of intense passion.

Still, he cannot help feeling that Sun Quan is not yet ready to become fully HARD GAY.

Sun Quan’s advisors tell him to remain straight.

Sun Quan agonises over the HARD act of sleeping with a man.

Will Da Qiao tempt him back to liking women?

Perhaps Zhou Yu, a known man of BI, can help.

Zhou Yu’s beauty (not actually apparent in this image) is enough to make all who gaze upon his face fall in love with him, regardless of gender.

Zhuge Jin gets some off screen HARD GAY.

Even so, it may not be enough to keep him from being converted to BI.

A lack of HARD GAY with Zhuge Liang is beginning to make Liu Bei fretful and anxious.

Zhang Fei suspects that Liu Bei has been dumped.


“He would never cheat on me!”

Zhang Fei still has his suspicions.

Guan Yu remarks that Zhang Fei’s HARD GAY is still vigorous.

In the absence of Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei must fall back on his old lovers.

“I need more HARD GAY men! Get me some naval recruits!”

Through a trick of time and space, Fei Wong’s phrasebook is even available to Cao Cao.

“You defeated me this once, but no matter…”

“…for I will get you next time!”

“I’m sorry, Zhou Yu, but I am laughing at your small ‘sword’.”

Lu Su is shocked at the implication that Sun Quan should give HARD GAY to Cao Cao.

“Although I am not interested in women, I understand that these two are considered beautiful.”

“Apparently they are so attractive that they have even turned Cao Cao BI.”

Zhou Yu is forced to admit he is BI.

“I am sorry; I did not realise that you were BI.”

“I’ll get you all the help you need to give up women and return to the HARD GAY side.”

Sun Quan is forced to take drastic action when a dangerous vase infiltrates his home.

“You’ve seen me beat up the vase, so you know I’m serious!”

Zhou Yu is surprised to find Zhuge Liang outside without a HARD GAY partner.


“I’m holding a brief memorial service for the dear departed vase, god rest its soul.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll navigate the path of HARD GAY together.”

“Why was Kong Ming able to convert him to HARD GAY when I never could?”

“Damn you!”

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