Busou Renkin 18: “Mine’s Bigger than Yours”

Whilst Kazuki tries to forge a new threesome with Tokiko and Gouta, this shift in relationships causes a stir throughout the alchemic world. Bravo must pick a new lover from the selection available at headquarters, whilst Papillon decides that he must settle for nothing less than Kazuki himself. Can Kazuki keep up with his ever hectic HARD GAY schedule?

Chitose wonders if a powerful partner could actually disrupt HARD GAY.

“…so that you will be back in time for our HARD GAY this evening.”

Sakaguchi wants to leave his Zhuge Liang in Chitose’s hands.

“No one will ever turn me STRAIGHT!”

Yes, this stream of liquid is what you think it is.

“Is this really the right time for Hyper Self Pleasure?”

“I’m sorry, but I couldn’t hold back any longer.”

“Is…is that what they call a Zhuge Liang?”

“Mine is barely a chipolata in comparison!”

He may not have size, but Gouta is determined to prove that he has other qualities that make him a worthy partner in the bedroom.

Tokiko is not impressed at the boys’ need to resort to Hyper Self Pleasure when they have her.

“You could have at least had HARD GAY instead of Hyper Self Pleasure.”

“It’s not like you have a huge selection of partners to choose from, after all.”

“I’m telling you, Kazuki is HARD GAY too! Didn’t you watch the earlier episodes?”

Tokiko confesses that she has developed a taste for HARD YURI.

“…But randomly searching around always works for named characters!”

“They will be stopping for BI love-ins along the way.”

“…does my bum look big in this suit?”

“I’ve been looking up your measurements on my computer, and I just have to ask- is it really that big?”

A new plan to discourage unnecessary driving involves having Papillon patrol the roads in his bodysuit.

Gouta boasts of the HARD training he and Tokiko have undergone.

“A mountain track, the back of a convertible, the bus stop, we’ll do it anywhere.”

Gouta is forced to admit that Kazuki’s abilities give him potentially unlimited stamina in the bedroom.

“Of course I’ll get lucky! Everyone wants to sleep with me!”

As if the word straight could ever apply to Papillon…

Ikusabe has the largest Zhuge Liang of anyone in the Alchemic Regiment.

He also has a taste for S&M.

“I need someone to sleep with me tonight. Decide amongst yourselves who it’s going to be.”

Oka warns Papillon that Ikusabe has proven himself rather capable in the bedroom.

Papillon is pleased to hear that his new partner will be up for advanced HARD GAY.

Ikusabe is also looking forward to a proper HARD GAY encounter.

He gets out his ‘spear’.

Papillon has become quite jaded, and is no longer thrilled by the prospect of special techniques.

“…something I’ve seen before.”

Ikusabe is impressed but surprisingly unperturbed by the damage to his ‘spear’.

“I don’t need New Wang, as I can easily regenerate it myself.”

“I hope your HARD GAY can do better than that!”

Papillon places one hand on his Zhuge Liang, and one on Ikusabe’s ‘spear’.

Ikusabe proves able to reassemble his own body, although he does enlarge certain proportions where possible.

“I’ve never seen this kind of encounter.”

“Sorry, when I get excited, my Zhuge Liang loses precision.”

“Let’s stop playing around and take off our clothes!”

“This HARD GAY is the best I’ve had in a while.”

Elsewhere, Shuusui practises with his ‘sword’.

“I find pursuit quite difficult, due to this hair obscuring my vision.”

“There’s three of us, and two of them, so clearly we are surrounded.”

“Just be grateful you’ll get a chance to sample my Raging HARD GAY.”

Gouta is less than thrilled with this offer.

“Look, I’m naked and standing in the middle of the road- don’t keep me waiting.”

“I have to admit, though, your HARD GAY is pretty good.”

“You, on the other hand, are not a worthy match for me.”

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