Kanon Harem Diaries Part 19

Shiori feigns illness in order to break up with Yuuichi.

I have begun to realise that I may be getting through girls a little too quickly; Makoto is dead, Mai and Sayuri are in hospital and now Shiori and Kaori are staying at home- what am I doing wrong? Whatever it is, I must not make any mistakes with the next object of my affections- the lolilicious Ayu. Ever since she came to live with us, I have been training Ayu and using her as backup girl when no one else is available, but now she must be brought to the forefront of my attentions. Of course, there is Nayuki to consider as well, but I think of her as more of a last resort.

Girls are expensive.

Last time Yuuichi said I would have to share him with other girls, but these days he seems to be spending more and more time with me. I don’t mind either way, of course; Yuuichi is the most important thing to me (except taiyaki, of course), and sometimes I even feel like I don’t even exist when I’m not with him.


Within this bead lies Ayu’s downfall!

At long last, my plans are coming to pass- whether or not the jam was responsible, Shiori has stopped coming to school, and now only Ayu stands between Yuuichi and I. With most of my rivals eliminated, I have finally been able to spend more time with Yuuichi; I even arranged to win the inter-high relay by making a comeback from behind so that he would notice me (he should be doubly impressed since he has come to believe I am sleepy and stupid most of the time). In the greatest stroke of irony, however, I was able to get Yuuichi to buy me a glass bead filled with poison which I plan to use to dispose of Ayu at the first opportunity. Yuuichi, soon you will be mine and mine alone.

The situation is getting desperate now; despite my efforts with the jam, Shiori seems to have disappeared, leaving Ayu as the only barrier between Yuuichi and my precious Nayuki. I must do my utmost to ensure that Yuuichi ends up with Ayu and does not seek out any more girls- I have even placed a love potion in their food to accelerate this process.


Aizawa’s appetite for girls is like nothing I’ve ever seen.

Even though I have now pinned my hopes on a second season, I am beginning to wonder if there will even be any girls left for me- Aizawa seems to get through them so quickly.

Special: The Past Uncovered

Young Yuuichi
I don’t understand why all my friends say I’m too young to be going out with girls- it’s just such fun! Ever since I came to this town, I’ve seen so many, but Ayu must be the best of them- she even let me see her ‘special place’! I hope I can come back here when I’m older and make all the girls into my own personal harem; although hopefully by then Ayu’s cooking will have improved…

So that’s how you pleasure girls…

Young Ayu
This winter I met a nice boy named Yuuichi; he loves my cooking and says he wants to marry me when I’m older! Then again, he might not like me if I get bigger, so I need to find a way to stop myself growing too much…

…whilst I slip into something more comfortable?

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4 Responses to Kanon Harem Diaries Part 19

  1. pâgan says:

    By now, we should know why Yuuichi picked a giant phalli..erm.. tree as his “special spot.”

    LOL, the diaries are always a riot.

  2. dsong says:

    Nice, you seem to have a knack for plugging up plot holes. It explains how Nayuki was able to pass the runners so quickly (the race was rigged), Yuuichi’s true intentions towards Ayu (come on, it should be obvious by now), the purpose behind the bead (Nayuki is certainly getting a bang for the buck), and Ayu’s actions at the end of the episode (Akiko’s potion did the trick).

    Maybe KyoAni should have trashed the script and gone with the soap-opera version of Kanon – it would have made for must-see-TV.

  3. Wrath88 says:

    You are a master. *bows down* Whether it’s Kanon, or Busou Renkin, you always find a way to make it so damn funny that I can’t help rereading it again and again. Keep it up!

    How’s the Harvest Moon Diaries proceeding? That’s another interesting read.

  4. Karura says:

    dsong, I really want to see Kanon the soap opera animated now- it’s what the franchise needs.

    Wrath88 (and everyone else who left positive feedback on the other parodies recently), thanks :). Harvest Moon Diaries will keep appearing every Sunday- I did take a break from the game but I’m back to Anton’s first winter now, and he plans to propose to his girl soon…

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