Chevalier Alternative 21 part I

Last time, Robin admitted that he was STRAIGHT and vowed to give up HARD GAY for good, but with everyone around him at it, can he really resist? And even as he tries to begin a new straight life as the lead of Le Chevalier Robin, how will d’Eon himself fare when he applies to be a contestant on Play Your Cards Right?

Robin is still conflicted over his decision to give up HARD GAY.

The masts of the ships remind him of what he has forsaken.

“Unhand me, generics! I am the main character!”

D’Eon is forced to watch Teillagory give Orleans HARD GAY.

“Ah yes, that hit the spot. D’Eon, would you like to join in? I can give you a taste of my cane.”

“I want no part of your old fashioned style- BI is the future!”

“You’ll change your tune after some Cane!”

(“I must not give in to their outdated ways; BI is the future!)

Generics gather around for a glimpse into the world of named characters.

“Ah, it seems that many men have gathered here for a taste of my old antique- book them in for later, will you?”

“If Teillagory is evil and d’Eon’s been captured, that can only mean it’s my turn to be the main character! I think I’ll call my show Le Chevalier Robin.”

Le Chevalier Robin is set in Delta Server Mac Anu.

# Robin, his name is Robin! Not just a sidekick, he runs blindly into the future! Go, Robin, Go! Justice will be with you! #

The Dauphin is selected as the host for the next series of The Versailles Factor.

Now he must choose a co-presenter from a range of promising candidates.

The interviews begin.

“Now, show me how you would read out the results at the end of the show.”

“I must inform you that part of your job will be servicing my needs.”

“Now who should I choose- Anna or a nameless generic?”

Just in case she doesn’t get the job, Anna starts rehearsing her lines for Anna’s Adventures in Versailles.

John Smith of Schwarz starts sending black letters to potential Slave Masters.

“Dear Anna, we would like to inform you that your application to co-present The Versailles Factor series two has been successful.”

“Thank God- and he didn’t even hold that Anna’s Adventures in Versailles Incident against me.”

“I’m sorry, but we simply don’t have enough episodes to include you all. Please go home and apply to join the cast of Les Miserables: Shoujo Cossette.”

“Please remove your clothes and wait for HARD GAY…”

“What’s this? Someone’s giving me Pistol?”

“Don’t mess with me; I’m the main character now, and I don’t give HARD GAY- I take it!”

“Should I really do this? I did promise to go STRAIGHT from now on.”

“Oh what the hell- it’s just the once, and no one will know.”

Robin has HARD GAY the main character way.

“I have to admit, that felt damn good!”

D’Eon undergoes pre-screening to become the next contestant on Play Your Cards Right.

“Ah, d’Eon, we meet again. I am now the co-presenter of Play Your Cards Right.”

Robin poses for the cover of the first Le Chevalier Robin DVD.

“Aren’t the co-presenters usually more attractive?”

“Are you disputing my suitability for this job?”

“Let me show you what I do to people who question me.”

“I crush them like this cross!”

“Yes, I, er, crush them, like this incredibly tough and resilient metal cross…”

“Oh well, never mind about that.”

“The point is, I’m the co-presenter and that’s final. Ah, if my son were alive, he would be so proud of me right now.”

“I hope you won’t mind if I indulge in a brief Flashback Mode about him.”

“We had such great HARD GAY together.”

“Can we just get on with the show? There aren’t many episodes left, and to be quite honest, no one cares about your back story.”

“I wish they’d hurry up- this position is getting really uncomfortable.”

“Look, if I can win this game show, will you agree to acknowledge BI?”

“Don’t even speak to me of your filthy ways.”

“Waiting for screen time is so dull.”

“Oh well, may as well practice my moves.”

“Am I interrupting anything?”

“Stay back! I’m the main character now!”

“Foolish boy- you cannot go from useless sidekick to main character that easily.”

“Go on, if you’re going to give me Pistol, stick it in!”

“Poor Robin, with a pistol like that you will never experience the full extent of what HARD GAY has to offer.”

“I actually feel quite embarrassed for you.”

“If you like, I can give you some Sword and show you how it’s done.”

“Excuse me, I just remembered an urgent appointment.”

“I can’t believe he passed up an opportunity for HARD GAY with the master.”

“Spiderman, eat your heart out.”

“Now to limber up with a hundred metre sprint.”

“Well, the presenter has arrived; I hope you’re ready to play.”

“Hello and welcome to Max’s Play Your Cards Right.”

“Excuse me whilst I warm the old Zhuge Liang up before we go on air.”

(“I can’t believe he would indulge in Hyper Self Pleasure right in front of me! Doesn’t he know how much I’d give to be HARD GAY with him?”)

“Welcome to Max’s Play Your Cards Right- nice to see you, to see you nice! Our first contestant today is d’Eon du Beamont, cross-dressing star of Le Chevalier d’Eon!”

“D’Eon, the prize for round one is this sharp yet sturdy ‘blade’! Impress your HARD GAY partners with the size of your weapon thanks to this custom made ‘sword’!”

“All you have to do to earn this marvellous prize is guess whether the next card is higher or lower than the value of the current one.”

“Shall we begin?”

“The first card is a seven- will the next one be higher or lower?”

(“Hmm, this is difficult- it could go either way.”)


“Is that your final answer?”

(“He’s trying to psych me out, but I won’t fall for it!”)

“Well then, let’s turn over the next card and see, shall we?”

“Oh dear, it was a four! If you had just said lower, you could have won.”

“I…I lost?”

“Ladies and gentleman, tonight’s contestant goes away with nothing! Join us next time for Play Your Cards Right!”

“Well, that was a dull show.”

“Okay, let’s sort out the prizes for the next episode.”

“First is this fully functional custom Lorenza-bot, complete with convenient on/off switch located on the back of the neck.”

“I wouldn’t mind one of those.”

“Giuseppe, if you wouldn’t mind taking her over to the studio…”

“We’ll also be offering this portrait of Orleans to one lucky winner.”

Orleans himself is busy playing on an invisible UFO catcher, but he just can’t seem to get that pink teddy bear he wants.

“Damn, just one more go.”

“Careful, careful, I’ve almost got it…”

“Yes, I won it!”

“Okay, that’s enough of that.”

“Well, Teillagory, how about some HARD GAY?”

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