Busou Renkin 19: Tokiko the Cheerleader

Poor Tokiko- once she was a highly skilled alchemic warrior, but ever since she switched Dressphere, she has been stuck on Cheerleader mode. Now all she can do is watch and wait whilst the males of the series indulge in their various HARD GAY encounters…

Hiwatari gives everyone a taste of his RAGING HARD GAY.

A climax is swiftly reached.

Ikusabe compliments Papillon on his HARD GAY.

“Even so, you just don’t have the stamina to keep up with me.”

“I have been searching for my ideal HARD GAY partner for so long…”

“You act as if your HARD GAY is superior, but your spear is flawed.”


“No one can match my ‘spear’!”

“Ah, but have you ever tried ultra-precision HARD GAY?”

“If something other than a ‘blade’ enters you, you’re stuffed!”

Papillon promises to give Ikusabe a repeat HARD GAY session if the opportunity ever arises.

“Just wait for me until then.”

Papillon grasps Ikusabe’s ‘spear’, leaving his opponent naked and shivering.

“Some men just never realise that they need to keep a firm hold of their ‘spear’.”

“At the end of the day, I’m better at HARD GAY, and you’re naked in the middle of nowhere.”

Compared to his abiding love for Kazuki, everyone else is just a one night stand.

Shuusui has learned the lesson of keeping a firm grip on one’s ‘sword’.

Just like Papillon, he seeks HARD GAY with Kazuki.

Victor, burnished, bronze, half-dressed…

…and waiting for HARD GAY in the middle of nowhere.

The new Tokiko-bot can say “where’s Kazuki?” in fifty-seven different ways.

Negoro- a man who uses his teleportation abilities to emerge far enough away for the heroes to evade.

“Don’t look at me while I’m getting undressed!”

“Sorry, Tokiko, but I need to have some quick HARD GAY.”

Negoro reveals his ‘blade’.

“I said mouth, not eye!”

Gouta wonders how Negoro will initiate HARD GAY.

“I hope your ‘chakra’ is ready to take my ‘blade’!”

Gouta tries to initiate his own HARD GAY…

…but it is too late.

“Wait a minute…are you STRAIGHT?”

“Man or woman- I will sleep with anyone if there’s something in it for me.”

“I’m glad you said that, for I feel that way too!”

“Then let’s do this.”

“Am I supposed to be taking an attack like this seriously?”

Victor is not impressed by Shuusui’s ‘blade’.

Nonetheless, the others can see that Shuusui has HARD GAY potential.

“Let me get my ‘axe’ out and show you how it’s done!”

Victor’s dialogue is unparalleled in its subtle elegance.

Okay, this is getting a bit too ridiculous now.

“None of you can match the power of my ‘axe’!”

“Only an ultimate being of HARD GAY can match Victor.”

Gouta gets his ‘head’ into gear.

Negoro taunts Gouta by claiming his HARD GAY is superior.

He even switches to SPEED GAY.

Tokiko, the new master of standing around and doing nothing.

“Although I never say no to HARD GAY, I don’t need it.”

“Hyper Self Pleasure is enough for me!”

Will this blood be red in the DVD version?

Negoro relaxes in the aftermath of HARD GAY round one.

“And thanks to our recent encounter, I now have some of that on my hand!”

If it wasn’t pink, this blood splatter could be a contender in the Niwe League.

“I too have learned to be content with Hyper Self Pleasure.”

“Meeting…you…has made…me…talk…like…Captain Kirk…”

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2 Responses to Busou Renkin 19: Tokiko the Cheerleader

  1. ShakingSpirit says:

    “Am I supposed to be taking an attack like this seriously?” Eheheh, love it – looking forward to your parody of the next episode FAR more than the episode itself! ^_^

  2. Wrath88 says:

    For some reason, this parody isn’t as funny as the previous few, possibly due to the increased action scenes. Even the few weird shots like that funny gas mask and the smiley face balls around Victor didn’t seem to have much effect.

    Perhaps the blood looks like that because they’ve been doing HARD GAY. XD

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