Romance of the Three Kingdoms 41

Realising that he may never be able to convert Zhuge Liang from pure HARD GAY to BI, Zhou Yu decides that he must instead remove his rival and all who insist on following HARD GAY despite the dawning of a new era. Can Zhuge Liang and the righteous warriors of Shu fend off the insidious plans of BI?

The woman’s role is to prepare food whilst the manly men sit around and discuss matters pertaining to HARD GAY.

“Are you saying we should move in together and enjoy incestuous HARD GAY?”

“Sorry, but with your skills, I can get more out of holding my own ‘conviction’ and having Hyper Self Pleasure.”

“I can arrange for you to have HARD GAY with Liu Bei, however.”

What can be more important than brotherhood and justice?

Zhuge Jin is unable to deliver the sort of HARD GAY Zhou Yu was looking for.

Nonetheless, Zhuge Jin affirms that he will always be available as a lover for Wu’s top names.

“Your skill may not be noteworthy, but at least your heart is in the right place.”

Zhuge Liang and Zhou Yu arrange a HARD GAY encounter.

Zhuge Liang boasts about his superior HARD GAY.

Zhou Yu is displeased to learn that his HARD GAY abilities have been questioned.

“I’ll show him who’s better in the bedroom!”

“My my, one really shouldn’t engage in HARD GAY without a cool head.”

Zhou Yu is told that Zhuge Liang can improve his HARD GAY, if he is just willing to take the time to learn.

Cao Cao sits in his custom-made villain’s chair, whilst underlings line up to service him.

“As I look down at my ‘sword, I realise that nothing can possibly go wrong!”

“…just like HARD GAY.”

Liu Bei begins to worry about his absent lover.

Given the lack of attention from Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei is forced to accept an invitation to have HARD GAY with Zhou Yu.

Guan Yu and Zhang Fei are overcome with jealousy.

“You don’t understand- I must have HARD GAY with him.”

“I suppose Guan Yu can join in, but Zhang Fei is no longer up to my level.”

“Why are you giving HARD GAY to Liu Bei?”

“Shouldn’t you be sleeping with Zhuge Liang instead?”

“I don’t want him taunting me about how much better his HARD GAY is.”

Bereft of HARD GAY, Zhang Fei is forced to learn about women.

“Talking to my own brother is too hard for a mere woman such as myself.”

“Your lover is waiting for you.”

“You can have a turn with him later on when I’m listening to music.”

Observe the grin of evil.

“I’m sorry, but Zhuge Liang will not be able to join our little HARD GAY session.”

“Guan Yu can participate if he wants.”

“Oh my god- I killed this log!”

A team of generics prepares to impress everyone with a group mambo.

The judges wait to give their scores for the group mambo.

“I’ll get you next week!”

“Zhang Fei was able to have HARD GAY after all.”

“I’m sorry, but I’m going to stay with my new lovers for a little while longer.”

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