Saiunkoku Monogatari 31

Shourin and Youshun may look like minor supporting characters, but as they are about to demonstrate, when it comes to HARD GAY, they can hold their own with the leads. Will these two young men impress their elders enough to earn a return appearance? And will Sakujun ever get enough BI to satisfy him?

Everyone settles down for a nice cup of tea.

Ensei is ready for some Spear.

Sakujun arrives in search of BI.

“BI at this hour- couldn’t you have waited?”

Eigetsu is immediately smitten.

“He may look good on the outside, but his Liang is most certainly not Zhuge.”

“I’m just as qualified for HARD GAY as you are!”

Shou considers adding Sakujun to his prostitution business.

“We really shouldn’t initiate HARD GAY in a closed space like this.”

“…especially when yours isn’t as good as you claimed it was.”

“I could never match HARD GAY as swift and intense as that.”

“Let’s continue this in the bedroom.”

Sakujun may not have been too impressed with Seiran, but Ensei certainly is.

Then again, Ensei knows that Seiran intentionally did not go all the way.

Youshun arranges the details of his latest HARD GAY.

Yu is pleased with his new partner.

A modest Youshun claims that he is a mere apprentice in the ranks of HARD GAY.

Every series needs a tea break section these days.

“Your HARD GAY is still very advanced for your age.”

“If you go to the city, you’ll find young men who make me look like a complete beginner!”

“Oh really? Would you mind giving me some more details?”

Shourin realises that evidence of HORSE must mean Ensei is close by.

“Don’t ever forget about the path of HARD YURI.”

“I admired you so much, until I found out that your Zhuge Liang was only this big!”

Youshun is excited when Yu proposes a new type of HARD GAY.

“I can’t guarantee the safety of this new technique.”

“Will it be as exciting as that BEAR I tried last summer?”

“Or maybe even more thrilling?”

“In that case, I’m afraid it may seem rather pedestrian compared to the kind of antics you’re used to.”

Ensei consoles Seiran with promises that he and Sakujun can have a bondage session sometime in the future.

“I need more than just a bondage session!”

“In fact, I’d like to relieve my frustration with some Sword right now!”

“I’m not ready for HARD GAY right now!”

“Not ready for Sword? I’ve never heard you say such a thing before.”

“There’s a woman here- we can’t just get naked in front of her.”

“I don’t care what techniques are used as long as I get my daily BI.”

“You can even walk in on me in the shower if you’d like.”

Ryuuki contemplates having some HORSE.

Sakujun grooms Shuurei for harem service by asking her to make tea.

“I ordered them from Hakuoro’s castle.”

Shourin complains that Ensei is asking for too much HARD GAY.

Ensei feels confident that Shourin can take the pace.

“Just be sure no one catches you with your pants down.”

“If Ensei wants that sort of HARD GAY, I’d better get my strength up.”

Shou is already impressd by Shourin’s HARD GAY.

Seiran realises that he will need to make arrangements for HORSE.

Kokujun is a little the worse the wear after sampling some sweet potato dango from Sunrise.

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