Pumpkin Scissors parody 2

When a feudal lord decides to inflict new HARD GAY techniques on his populace, the Pumpkin Scissors are sent in to ensure that no one is being forced into the bedroom against their will. Will Alice, new recruit Randal and the FMA rip-off supporting characters be able to ensure that justice is done?

A bondage session is arranged by moonlight.

The man in charge prepares to ‘fire’ his ‘weapon’.

“Show a little spirit, men; this isn’t normal HARD GAY.”

“Impressive work.”

“I am truly glad to be living in the age of HARD GAY!”

“Look, you can’t have DOG with just anyone.”

The frustration of having to wait for Randel before the BI session can begin is too much for Alice.

“Lieutenant, this is neither the time nor place for Sword!”

Randel offers to trade HARD GAY for new clothes.

“DOG comes before duty.”

“I don’t mind a ‘YES!’, but moaning like that is just weird!”

“We have a lot of BI around here, so you’d better hold back or you’ll wear yourself out.”

“Oh yes, and sometimes we do get HARD GAY as well.”

“Really? I, er, I like HARD GAY…”

“Are you sure you’re HARD GAY?”

“Is it really okay to have group BI in this car? There’s not a lot of room.”

“Don’t relax yet, we haven’t reached the climax!”

“It’ll come in a minute, I promise.”

“Only villains sit in chairs like that one!”

Shouldn’t that be ‘Pimp’?

“The game’s up! We’ve heard you’ve been having HARD GAY with your citizens without their consent!”

“Oh come now, what’s wrong with a few sex games?”

“How dare you just have your way with people!?”

“Fine, if you don’t like HARD GAY, how about some HARD YURI with my maids?”

“Meanwhile, I’ll show your subordinates just how fun this sort of HARD GAY is.”

“You just stay there and try the HARD YURI.”

“Our normal HARD GAY won’t be enough for this situation.”

“This should be a good HARD GAY session, don’t you think?”

“While we’re here, we may as well get into the spirit of things.”

“I’m new here, so I think you should initiate it.”

“Well, we prefer HARD YURI with you to BI with him.”

“Don’t worry about nobility when choosing a partner- everyone likes ‘guns’, after all.”

“And when you choose a partner, be sure to please them!”

“My HARD GAY is really improving!”

“Call that HARD GAY? I’ll show you HARD GAY!”

“Quick, we must match his HARD GAY!”

“It’s no good-there’s no way we can match that sort of HARD GAY!”

Randal gives his opponent a taste of his Gun.

“That was the best HARD GAY I ever had.”

“Please stop- I don’t have the stamina for any more!”

“Careful! At this rate I’ll have to get in touch with New Wang!”

“I’ll be back next week!”

“Didn’t you know you’re just a one shot character?”

“Just what sort of HARD GAY did you have?”

“Here’s some advice for you- don’t plan your HARD GAY too far in advance, just take it one encounter at a time.”

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