Divergence Eve: More than just bouncing breasts

In the far flung reaches of space exists Watcher’s Nest, a space station built around the mysterious Quantum Core. The site of many dark and dangerous secrets and first line of defence against the alien Ghouls, Watcher’s Nest is under the command of Lieutenant Ertiana, but with her impending transfer, four new cadets have been summoned to start training as potential replacements.

Misaki Kureha is one of those four, and as a mere reserve, it seems as if she is destined to quickly fall behind the others. But even as Misaki questions her selection, it becomes apparent that she may well possess hidden talents of her own- talents that inextricably connect her to the mysteries at the heart of Watcher’s Nest…

Although the image most readily associated with Divergence Eve is usually that of a well endowed woman and her twin assets, this is actually a series that has more to offer than mere fanservice. The first episode may not make any sense on the initial viewing (chronologically, it takes place between episodes twelve and thirteen and is confusingly entitled ‘Mission 2’), and every female character may be in need of an H-cup bra, but beneath these initial concerns lies a surprisingly solid sci-fi series. Yes, it could have used more episodes with which to develop a clearer and more thorough story, but within the confines of its length, Divergence Eve offers an interesting mix of sci-fi elements with a slowly unfolding mystery. With each episode revealing a little bit more of the overall picture in terms of both back story and character motivations, it is easy to let oneself get carried along on the search for explanations. Everything from “what are the Ghouls?” to “who exactly is Misaki?” forms a mystery that ensures that no viewer can give up before discovering the answers.

As is the case with many shorter series, Divergence Eve never really gets the chance to fully explore its cast, but whilst they certainly can’t be said to be the most developed group of characters, they are at least generally likable (except, of course, for the villains of the piece). This is primarily meant to be Misaki’s story, but the personalities of the supporting cast are at least well defined if not thoroughly explored.

With the exception of some of the older male characters, Divergence Eve manages to deliver a range of brightly coloured and aesthetically pleasing character designs, but unfortunately, the visuals are let down by an over-reliance on simplistic CG. Whilst the Ghouls are all too reminiscent of the poorly designed monsters from the card game series Duel Masters, the Rampart Armour that fight them are ugly, clunky and downright hideous. In contrast, the background music is at least more consistent, delivering some eerie and atmospheric themes alongside lighter pieces such as the energetic ED.

Final Thoughts
Although it will attract many by virtue of its eye candy alone, Divergence Eve is a much maligned series which is a cut above the usual “high fanservice, low plot” light entertainment. It may not be anything special, but it is nonetheless an enjoyable mix of sci-fi and mystery that deserves to be appreciated for more than just its fleshier assets.

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  1. Redx says:

    Thank you! FINALLY someone gave this show a fair view!

  2. monkeydlu says:

    it really was very good. also made me cry a bit at the end.

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