Kanon Harem Diaries Part 21

Well, the moment that I hoped would never come is here, and I have been forced to resort to Nayuki in the absence of any other eligible female. Although Nayuki isn’t bad, I just don’t feel the same sense of accomplishment with her that I did with the other girls, and so I must go to extreme lengths such as indulging in Flashback Modes and trying to find ways to restore Ayu- perhaps that small doll she buried is invested with plot powers that can do it. I have also recalled that I once treated Nayuki badly in the past- I guess even then I knew she was not a vital component of my ideal harem.


My greatest rival has been removed, and to my surprise, I didn’t even need to resort to that poison-filled bead in order to do it. I have since placed the bead in a snow bunny so that no one will be able to trace it back to me; admittedly Yuuichi knows of its origin and location, but I am sure I can prevent him from ever saying a word about it. Now I can finally spend every waking moment with Yuuichi, and indeed, be it homework or digging holes in the forest, I vow never to leave his side. I have also been careful to maintain my cover, covering those times when I wake up early with childishly simplistic behaviour such as pretending to have named all the cats on my bathrobe.

I was loath to mention it in this diary before lest it fall into the wrong hands, but at last I feel confident enough to reveal one of my secrets- a subliminal message recorded onto the alarm clock I gave him that encourages him to reject other girls and turn to me. After I told Yuuichi he could not record over it due to the trouble I had with creating the message, he thought me a fool, but little does he know the hidden complexity of this device.

In other news, I must sadly report that I have come to believe my own mother may have been sabotaging my attempts to find love with Yuuichi. I may have to find a way to dispose of her too.

If Auu~ and Uguu~ worked, then Nyuu~ should too.


Where did it all go wrong? I arranged girl after girl to distract Yuuichi from the prospect of going after my Nayuki, but somehow they have all disappeared for one reason or another. My last hope now is to play the ‘family’ card- by reinforcing the fact that we are all family, I shall try to decrease the desire for and acceptability of a romantic relationship between Yuuichi and Nayuki.

At this late stage in the game, I have realised that I must start taking drastic measures if I want to net some screen time, especially as I still haven’t received that phone call about the second season (maybe I should check to see if the producers have my number). Anyway, in the meantime I have made sure to barge my way into every scene possible, even going so far as to help Yuuichi dig some holes in the woods. I didn’t quite catch why he was doing it- is he hoping to land a role on the next Harvest Moon game?



Translation: That Yuuichi still has not learned his place, to the extent that he thinks he can just manhandle me! It is a proven fact that cats increase the appeal of anime by a factor of five, and so he must be made to pay. Perhaps I will sink my claws into him when no one is looking.

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6 Responses to Kanon Harem Diaries Part 21

  1. keiclone says:

    rofl these are awesome. keep it up

  2. Hinano says:

    LOL poor piroshki XD I hated how like the week before Yuuichi totally kicked him T_T

  3. Wrath88 says:

    Awesome and Amazing, Karura. I predicted the part about the bead, but you surprised me with the subliminal message thing. Great work.

  4. dsong says:

    Wow. If Nayuki was involved in THAT conspiracy, she’s a lot better than I thought. Not only was she able to enlist two stunt drivers to pull off a crash that would take Akiko out, they even managed to re-enact a real crash that gained some notoriety in YouTube:

    It would have been much simpler to stage a single-car crash, or a hit-and-run.

    In other news, Nayuki deserves some credit for being able to maintain her cover – I suppose that accounts for her moments of silliness over the course of the episode. Her next strategy: playing hard-to-get (as seen from the episode previews).

  5. Karura says:

    dsong: I’m not sure if Nayuki actually arranged the car crash, or if she was intending to and ends up feeling guilty because it happened just as she was thinking about her mother. If it’s the later, she may end up genuinely rejecting Yuuichi even after all that effort, but it all hinges on next episode.

    Hinano: kicking the cat truly was a crime. Piroshki must get revenge somehow.

  6. Neriya says:

    Haha, Nayuki’s getting unhinged. Better watch out Yuuichi, the more clingy and attached she gets the less likely it becomes that you’ll wake up to see another morning if you upset her XD And she may regret it, or she may just laugh manically and go on a killing spree.

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