Busou Renkin 22: BRAIN and ARMOUR

As word of Victor’s HARD GAY prowess spreads, men from far and wide come to Pleasure him in different ways- but can even group sessions and ARMOUR satisfy his jaded palate? Meanwhile, Kazuki’s party finally makes it to Newton Apple Girls’ School, where important plot information awaits…

“…I would like to do these things, if only I were the main character.”

Victor surveys the wreckage caused by his intense and uncontrollable HARD GAY.

Did I say SUBMARINE was ridiculous? It seems tame compared to Missile Launcher.

“True HARD GAY must be savoured slowly.”

Shousei dispenses some advice for Missile Launcher.

“Ah, what a refreshing way to wake up in the morning- and here I thought I couldn’t beat SUBMARINE.”

Hiwatari is ready to join the HARD GAY session.

Since Victor’s HARD GAY is too intense for one man to handle alone, this will be a group session.

“I haven’t been receiving any scripts lately, so I have to keep repeating the same few lines.”

Papillon explains how desperation forced him to take Gozen as a partner.

“It was awful! I had to see what’s under that bodysuit!”

(“Let’s meet up later, Kazuki-chan.”)

(“I’m looking forward to it, Sexy Beast.”)

Insert comical running around music here.

“Hey, there’s a suspicious person here. Let’s ask them if they’ve seen anyone suspicious.”

“I already know my destiny- it’s to be the ultra-powerful main character who saves the Earth from certain doom, right?”
”How did you guess?”

Group HARD GAY with Victor begins.

“I’ve heard of Axe, but never Double Axe! This defies the laws of anatomy!”

“There’s no way the likes of you can Pleasure me!”

“Who cares about your Pleasure- we’re getting very excited!”

“Hyper Self Pleasure is better than you guys!”

“Can you believe he’s using the exact same attacks that he did last time? Doesn’t he realise that he should hold back because we’re weak against those techniques?”

“…it must be some kind of aphrodisiac!”

“It makes for explosive HARD GAY!”

“There are more options open to us than mere Self Pleasure.”

“Flaming Liang!”

“At last, something that feels good!”

“This is the kind of Pleasure I was looking for!”

“More! More!”

“Give me more!”

“Instead of satisfying him, we’ve only increased his cravings for HARD GAY!”

“Okay, there’s nothing for it- it’s time to face the hand!”

Shousei decides that he must experience one-on-one HARD GAY with Victor.

Forget magic CCTV, Multi-Brain is the new must-have expensive purchase for 2007.

“We have HARD GAY scheduled for later, you know!”

Victor eagerly awaits his next partner.

“…It’s called ‘Dropping a load of metal into water’”.

“I bet you’ve never had ARMOUR before, have you, Victor?”

The encounter begins.

Meanwhile, Victor’s wife recalls how Victor first turned from STRAIGHT to HARD GAY.

“Witnessing HARD GAY firsthand was just that hideous.”

“Don’t ask exactly how I did this- the last thing I want is to draw attention to plot problems.”

“This object can turn a HARD GAY being STRAIGHT again.”

Victor and Shousei get down to business.

Shousei is surprised to discover a partner who can withstand his ARMOUR.

Xebec tries some Eva-inspired budget saving with this text on black screen approach.

Next time: Kazuki gets some BI, the Engrish episode titles return.

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