Romance of the Three Kingdoms 42

Whilst Cao Cao continues to work his way through Fei Wong’s villain’s phrasebook, he sends an underling to subvert Zhou Yu through HARD GAY. But can he really hope to have a chance against one of the masters of the bedroom?

Cao Cao’s men are not used to HARD GAY on a boat.

Nonetheless, they end up having BOAT and Arrow with Wu.

Zhou Yu appraises the size of the enemy’s “vanguard” in preparation for future HARD GAY.

As a woman, she needs no name of her own.

“Damn you!”

“Ah, so that’s what a water fort is. Thanks for explaining.”

Cao Cao, a villain’s villain.

Playing music, perhaps?

Cao Cao’s men are confident that their HARD GAY is superior to that of Wu.

“I don’t have time for HARD GAY with you right now!”

“My index finger commands you to!”

“His HARD GAY must be most impressive.”

“Come on, underlings- I can’t be expected to think for myself.”

“I know because in Dynasty Warriors there’s a morale bar at the top of the screen.”

Jiang Gan reveals the secret of taming Zhou Yu in the bedroom.

“Okay then, jump into bed with him and show me how it’s done!”

Zhou Yu is understandably suspicious when Jiang Gan arrives for some HARD GAY.

“I already have many capable lovers.”

Jiang Gan even gets a look Zhou Yu’s ‘sword’.

“Sun Quan is foremost in my heart, though; many’s the night we’ve spent practising new techniques together.”

“I would never leave him for another man.”

“Yes, I truly have all the HARD GAY I need.”

“In fact, I want to have some right now!”

Taishi Ci is selected as the latest lover.

…on Earth as it is in Heaven.

“What satisfying HARD GAY.”

“…how large was his ‘sword’?”

“Larger than I anticipated, I’m afraid.”

“Are you saying you chickened out and didn’t even sleep with him!?”

“I’m afraid not, but I did manage to get a photo of it.”

“Hand it over!”

“It’s huge! This guy’s a horse!”

Cao Cao learns that Cai Mao wanted to turn him into Zhou Yu’s love slave.

Hours later, Cao Cao finally cottons on to the fact that believing everything you read in random letters left lying around the place may not be a good idea.

“Damn you!”

“Take this Sword, Cai Mao!”

He arrives mere moments too late to prevent the execution of Cai Mao.

A sheet of paper feels his wrath.

I’m sure he’s laughing at the irony of it right now.

“Do not worry- I had my Fishing Pole here to occupy me.”

Anyone would be jealous of a man with such mobility in his neck.

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