Saiunkoku Monogatari 34

Kokujun may not be the strongest in the bedroom, but the time has come for him to accept the toughest challenge of his life- providing HARD GAY to the entire Sa Clan. Meanwhile, Seiran tells Sakujun that he has potential in the bedroom, but is Sakujun willing to submit to Seiran’s techniques?

The initial plan was for the selection to take the form of a reality show, with hopeful candidates set tasks and voted off each week.

The Sa clan has no shortage of generic men.

A bloodstained ‘dagger’ attests to a night of intense HARD GAY.

Kokujun fears that he may have killed his father and grandfather during HARD GAY.

Shunki disagrees, suspecting that Kokujun’s bedroom skills are not harsh enough to kill his lovers.

“You’re the only non-generic who can do it!”

“Are you saying you can’t get up from here because your Zhuge Liang is so huge you can barely lift it?”

“You will have to have HARD GAY with many ugly old men.”

“Even so, always keep hold of your Zhuge Liang, mo matter what happens or who you sleep with.”

Kokujun vows that his HARD GAY will be enough to handle anything thrown at him.

“You are certainly nothing remarkable, but since you are neither generic or evil, I endorse you.”

Eiki turns to Shunki and Shuurei in order to ask if they would like HARD YURI.

The idea is gratefully received.

Eiki reminds Shunki that by choosing Kokujun, she has abandoned the path of pure HARD YURI.

“The path of BI is the one for me- just as it was for you.”

“Don’t expect to get much from a small man like Kokujun.”

Generics should not toss around ‘Damn you!’ so lightly.

Ensei asks Sai about his HARD GAY with Chuushou.

“He didn’t survive it.”

The generics decide to while away the time by playing a little Warcraft.

“You men are far too old for HARD GAY, yet you still insist on doing it.”

Eiki promises STRAIGHT for anyone who is dissatisfied with Kokujun’s HARD GAY.

Seiran admits that Sakujun is better in the bedroom than he had anticipated.

“Why, thank you.”

“Anyway, flattery aside- did you want something?”

“I think your HARD GAY will be better if you take this drug. It’s worked wonders for me.”

“Oh, I get it, you want me to become your sex slave.”

“Do you really think that telling me I’m inadequate is going to help your cause?”

“Well, actually, I was just going to force it on you during a bondage session.”

“Unfortunately, once I get into the mood, I want to keep going all night.”

“Instead, let’s just have a quick ‘game’ here and now, where the loser has to give the winner whatever style of HARD GAY he wants.”

“Do you think you’re skilled enough to give me that sort of HARD GAY?”

“…I can give you any sort of HARD GAY.”

“Sounds good to me; let’s go.”

“Before we begin, though, I must know how quickly this sort of drug works.”

“Limp? I thought it was supposed to make me HARD.”

“Don’t question how these things work unless you’re an expert.”

“Pleasure is important to me, so of course I’m going to ask questions. For example, do I really need to take so much to get the desired effect?”

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