Harvest Moon Anton’s Diary: Year 2 Summer Part II

Day 16
Some of the corn was ready today, so after the watering was complete I went over to Kai’s place to give him some. In return, he told me how to make Popcorn, and to further apologise for not having any corn yesterday, I bought a Snowcone from him.

Since I felt generally lacking in energy today, I just pottered around the farm doing the usual tasks and planting the last few bags of grass seeds.

Day 17
This morning I had a go at making Cheese Fondue- it turned out well but when I offered it to Popuri, she said she didn’t like it! If I had known how unappreciated my work was going to be, I would have taken it to Karen.

Once again, I decided to only do a little actual work today, with all spare time devoted to what I shall now call Project G. It will take many more days of work to cover the place in grass, but at least I will have got one over on those damned weeds. This is war, I tell you- war!

Day 18
Another routine day; I spent the morning harvesting the second crop of Onions, but when I realised that my remaining four bags were not enough for me to meet my season quota, I had to run over to the supermarket to pick up two more bags. This will increase the watering and harvesting, but if I can prove my proficiency at growing all four summer crops, I know the supermarket will order in something special for me.

The rest of the day was spent following the by-now tedious basic routine and continuing with Project G; I now have plenty of grass, but my horse has a tendency to run off and graze instead of waiting for me.

Day 19
I had just got up this morning when Barley came over to tell me that the Cow Festival will be tomorrow- when I agreed to enter, he took my dear Elrood away! Once he had gone, the mayor came over soon afterwards to ask me to deliver an apple pie from the Inn to grandma Ellen- why am the villagers’ errand boy? Anyway, I agreed to do so, and once the watering was done I headed over to the inn to pick up the apple pie (or at least the one slice that Doug handed me) and take it to the waiting Ellen. Scarily enough, she has apparently been looking forward to my visit since yesterday- I didn’t even know that I would be coming yesterday, so how could she possibly have known to expect me?

Once I got back home, I finished up my basic tasks and implemented the next phase of Project G, although I unfortunately hoed away some grass whilst trying to till the ground. Nonetheless, this small setback will not impede the progress of the project.

Day 20
Since it was the Cow Festival today, I spent the morning watering before heading over to Barley’s. Unfortunately, although Elrood was entered into the festival, I could not tell which one she was, and I have no idea who the owners of the other three cows are, especially as Barley chooses not to enter in the interests of fairness. Anyway, such questions aside, after several hours of standing around and doing nothing, Barley named Elrood the winner of the festival, and assured me that she will produce Gold Milk from now on. This seems rather anatomically improbable, but who am I to question?

In the evening, I only had enough time to take care of the animals and cut some grass, although I must note that Elrood has not yet returned. Is Barley performing the operation that creates Golden Milk?

Day 21
Elrood is magically back in the barn this morning, although the Gold Milk she produces scares me a little; it has an alien script on the outside, and can be turned into shimmering Gold Cheese- is there anyone out there who actually eats this stuff?

Three of the four pineapple plots had ripened today, and it occurs to me that if I had not let those incompetent Harvest Sprites do the watering for a few days, the fourth one would be as well. Damn those Harvest Sprites, thanks to them, both corn and pineapples are behind where they should be.

During the evening, I did my first fishing in a while, but unfortunately it was entirely unsuccessful- the only thing I caught was a branch.

Day 22
Sometimes I just don’t understand my chickens, for even though I give them the best of care, they randomly have off days when their love for me reduces and they don’t lay any eggs. Perhaps they just long for the outside world, but I cannot risk them getting taken by a wild dog or being blown away by strong winds.

Today was shaping up to be another routine day, but after my now customary visit to the supermarket to buy grass seeds, I happened to notice Gray going to the library. Hoping to catch him embarrassing himself by flirting with Mary, I followed him in, but when I chatted with Mary myself, I discovered that her affections for me have reached purple heart level! I know am something of a stud, but can I really have three other women all developing feelings for me? What cruel fate dictated that I could only marry one girl?

Day 23
Due to the general boredom of my life, I have decided to mix things up a little by having an affair, but after seeing how time consuming it is to charm a second girl whilst keeping my wife happy, I think I may save my endeavour for the dull winter days. Anyway, as a test drive, today I took some spare Pink Cat flowers to Ann; Cliff and Doug saw me, but if questioned I will just make up some excuse.

Day 24
A most disastrous thing happened today- when I went to the barn, I realised that none of the cows were producing milk! This can only mean that I forgot to feed them yesterday, although I do not remember neglecting them. Am I getting old and senile already?

Despite this setback, I continued with the usual tasks, and then worked on Project G for a while longer. When Zack did not show up at 5pm, I suddenly remembered that it was time for the Fireworks Festival, forcing me to quickly hurry to Mineral Beach. Fortunately, unlike last year, people were actually there, and so I chatted a bit to Ann (who, to my surprise, is now up to blue heart level) before heading over to watch the fireworks display with Popuri. Popuri did not seem overly impressed with the display, but then again, neither was I, as I couldn’t really see much.

Day 25
My horse has become much more energetic of late, and so in an attempt to prevent it from running away every time it sees me, I have built it a paddock out of lumber. Unfortunately, although the horse seemed happy to remain in there for a few hours, it soon jumped out- what is the point of a paddock if the damned horse won’t even stay in it?

After the paddock was built, I spent most of the morning chopping down grass (an unfortunate side effect of Project G), leaving me only the afternoon to do the regular tasks. Fortunately, I was able to get everything done before Zack came to empty the shipping bin, and so I was able to turn a nice profit.

I should also note that the cows have started producing milk again- I was so relieved at this turn of events that I even tried to milk a sheep.

Day 26
I had a hideous nightmare last night- I dreamt that I woke up and the news said a hurricane was coming. Fortunately, when I actually did wake up, the weather report said it would be a fine day, but what if the nightmare was an echo of a reality that was cut short by some outside force?

After spending the morning harvesting five-sixths of the final onion crop of the season, the bulk of today was spent working at home, completing the usual tasks and cutting further grass- whose idea was it to plant so much grass anyway?

In my darker hours, I have begun to wonder if I should sell my sheep and replace them with more profitable cows- if not for the fact that I have become quite attached to my fluffy friends, I would pursue this line of thinking.

Day 27
Another crop of Pineapples was ready today, thus completing my goal of shipping over 100 of each summer crop- in fact, the supermarket is so impressed with me that they have ordered in some Pumpkin seeds! Even though it is too late in the season to buy the seeds, I bought five bags anyway, as I feel the dream of the other night was a sign that hurricanes will no longer threaten to blow away my hothouse. Speaking of which, I went over to Gotz’s place to ask if he would start my hothouse, but whilst money is no object, I do not have enough lumber. Although I could easily afford to buy the additional lumber from Gotz, even in my newfound wealth I cannot bear to hand over money for mere wood when there are infinitely regrowing stumps just outside my farm. Instead, I shall have to pause Project G for a while whilst I concentrate on amassing more lumber.

Day 28
Some more Pineapples and Corn were ready today, so after I shipped all the corn, I took the pineapples indoors to store them in the fridge- they will offer the taste of summer once the days start getting shorter. Whilst indoors, I decided to mess around in the kitchen, and after making some ketchup, I even had a go at creating my own pizza (I’ve heard that Karen likes pizza, so perhaps I will sneak out and give it to her when Popuri isn’t looking).

Once the basic farm tasks were complete, I began Project L (lumber collection), and once all available lumber had been collected, I returned home to start picking and storing the Pink Cat flowers I planted before the changing season causes them to wither and die. I have heard that Elli likes flowers, so perhaps I can start an affair with her using some of them.

Day 29
Some more corn was ready today, but when I went to sickle down the plants, I almost accidentally took out all my Pineapples as well! Fortunately, whilst I was desperately wondering what to do, I lost my grip on the sickle, and the precious Pineapples were saved. I managed to retain my composure for long enough to complete the regular tasks and cut down some grass before heading out to work on Project L. With grass and lumber taking up all my time, I don’t really get a chance to do anything else, but I did tune into a TV program about attacking stray dogs before I went to bed.

The fish continue to multiply- I now have 42, only 8 away from the legendary fifty.

Day 30
Despite my watering efforts of yesterday, no further crops had ripened, and so I devoted the morning to cutting down the plants and any further grass that needed it, before gathering the last Pink Cat flowers from the garden (unfortunately, in my enthusiasm for sickle work, I accidentally cut down some perfectly good flowers). Afterwards, I set about the usual tasks before heading out to chop more lumber; I actually managed to amass the required amount of lumber, but when I popped in to see Gotz, he said he was on his break- what is it with builders and taking breaks? In order to ease my disappointment, I wandered around Mother’s Hill gathering the last Pink Cat flowers of the season, before taking a relaxing hot spring soak and turning in for the evening.

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  1. Wrath88 says:

    Anton is getting influenced by the villagers’ way of life, and he seems to be becoming more irrational at times. Maybe its a conspiracy by the village people.

    Is there a limit(in reality) to the number of fishes that can be held in that small pond?

  2. Karura says:

    Poor Anton works so hard that it’s probably having a negative effect on his state of mind (and he’s still subconsciously resisting the farming life, which is causing mental conflicts).

    I have no idea if there’s a limit to the amount of fish you can put in, although it’s probably 99. By that point I’ll have taken some out for shipping and cooking, though.

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