Romance of the Three Kingdoms 43

In an attempt to show that there are things even Zhuge Liang cannot do, Zhou Yu sets him the task of giving HARD GAY 100,000 times in just three days! Is Zhuge up to the task, or will that just wear out his Liang?

See how his eyes glow red with evil as he plots the villainy of the week.

“You must know all his HARD GAY preferences.”

It has been a while, but let us not forget about the chaos.

“Now kneel down and take my Sword!”


“Did I mention how useful Fei Wong’s villain phrasebook is?”

See how evil Zhou Yu’s eyes have become as plots something akin to the destruction of god.

“It’s time for HARD GAY!”

“Tonight’s HARD GAY should be ARROW.”

“Hmm, that will be difficult, especially as I have developed an odd twitch in one eye.”

“Could you help me with this problem I have with my eyes?”

“I don’t know about that, but I can give as much ARROW as needed.”

“Could you manage 100,000 ARROW sessions?”

“100,000 is nothing to a man as HARD GAY as I am- just tell me what time frame you want it over.”

“Could you give it to me and my men within the next ten days?”

“I’ll be bored if I have to stretch it over ten days.”

“What are you saying?”

“Three days should be plenty.”

“How can anyone have HARD GAY 100,000 times in three days?”

“Don’t joke about something as important as HARD GAY!”

“I would never joke about HARD GAY.”

“Feel free to use me as you will if I cannot deliver the HARD GAY.”

I’m so grateful for these instructive translator’s notes.

“Can you make sure you have enough men ready to receive the HARD GAY?”

“You want him to die of exhaustion from excessive HARD GAY?”

“He’ll never be able to give that much ARROW, just you watch.”

My sentiments exactly.

“Even hundreds of men couldn’t give 100,000 HARD GAY sessions in three days!”

Zhang Fei, Guan Ping and Zhao Yun seem to have become the comedy trio of the series.

He’s an unpredictable men indeed.

“I’m sure Zhuge Liang can easily manage HARD GAY 100,000 times in three days, as Lord Liu Bei will attest.”

“I don’t care if you die, just keep my lover safe!”

Zhuge Liang invites Lu Su over for some late night HARD GAY.

“Thanks to the fog, you won’t be embarrassed at how small your Sword is compared to mine.”

“To an ordinary man with a normal Sword, it would be.”

“You haven’t given any yet!”

“You will observe and record the ARROW I give.”

“No one said I had to do it with real men.”

“That will get me in the mood.”

“Fear not, for we are named characters, and I am immortal.”

“This is ARROW at its best!”

“Don’t go out and attack- we may actually win and then the plot would be ruined!”

“Just send more archers to give Zhuge Liang ARROW!”

“I’ve had enough ARROW, so let’s go home.”

“I am no ordinary advisor, but the very son of god.”

“Your Sword is so large! Is that codpiece big enough to hold it?”

“I have already ordered a better one.”

“I’m always ready for HARD GAY, son.”

“Damn it! Foiled again!”

“You managed all that ARROW in just one night! What a man of HARD GAY you are!”

“ARROW is nothing to me.”

“That’s great, but I still need help with my eye problem.”

“Ah, thank you, they seem to be back to normal. Now let’s discuss HARD GAY.”

“Let’s get to bed as soon as possible!”

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