Saiunkoku Monogatari 38

The time has come for Shuurei to return home and present herself to the emperor as the governor of Brown Province; will she impress Ryuuki with the new BI she has learned whilst there, or does he prefer the home grown charms of Shouka, Ran and Kouyuu?

How could such well designed woman as Sai Rin marry a generic man like Yuushun?

“He has hidden qualities, and a previously unknown capacity for BI.”

Ensei looks forward to exclusive access to Sai Shou and Eigetsu.

Ryuuki complains at the general lack of HARD GAY in the palace of late.

“I’m afraid I can’t give you HARD GAY right now…”

“…but if you want a nice cup of tea, I’m your man.”

The STRAIGHT life has made Kokujun realise he needs to be manlier.

Meanwhile, an outbreak of HARD YURI in Brown Province can be attributed to the existence of Sai Rin.

Since his eyes are always closed, Shouka has trouble keeping his house tidy.

Still, when it comes to making tea, he can do it whilst blindfolded.

“We’ll have HARD GAY later, Seiran.”

Kokujun is upset to learn he must have HARD GAY with strangers all by himself.

“Look at these generics I have to service!”

“Don’t worry about the generics, Kokujun- your hired lover is here!”

Even Reishin is eager to test Kokujun’s skills.

“Kokujun seems to be doing all right for himself- he has already engaged a few lovers from the important clans.”

Kurou and Rin take time out of their busy schedules for some STRAIGHT.

“We’re next up to service the emperor and his officials.”

“Don’t forget that there will be people watching our BI.”

“If we hadn’t done that, this series would have turned into Romance of the Three Kingdoms!”

“I’m sensing you don’t have a lot of respect for the emperor’s HARD GAY.”

“The last time I saw him having HARD GAY, it looked like a lacklustre experience.”

“That’s all changed now! I can assure you he gives it his all in the bedroom!”

“Yes, Ensei has told me how good he is.”

“Even so, I cannot judge until I experience his HARD GAY firsthand.”

“Everyone seems to want to watch Shuurei’s BI.”

“Isn’t that why we’re here?”

“Now that I’m too old for Pleasure myself, I have to resort to watching others.”

Kijin is disturbed when Reishin asks to take his Liang from behind in public.

“I get a thrill from doing it in public!”

After giving basic BI to Ryuuki, Shuurei intrigues him by suggesting something more advanced.

“We’ll lag behind other series if we just stick to basic methods of Pleasure!”

“I plan to establish a place where we can research the next generation of Pleasure!”

“My Liang votes yes to this proposal!”

“There’s a whole second season of obstacles to get through!”

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  1. ItariShun says:

    Yay! I got my dose of funny for today. I hope 39 will be along soon.

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    39 should be done either tonight or tomorrow, then I’m all set for parodying season 2.

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