Saiunkoku Monogatari 39 [season one end]

Shuurei has come home, and in honour of her return, she decides to show off what she has learned by giving BI to all her friends. Even with Seiran’s help, will she have the stamina for so much BI- and will Ryuuki show up in time to get some?

“Everyone’s in support of advancing Pleasure to the next level.”

“Speaking of Pleasure- let’s have some now!”

Kouyuu relaxes after some difficult HARD GAY.

“I had to service so many old generics!”

“What we need is a skilled lover to take our minds off everything- what about Shouka?”

“Sorry, I only have time for quick Self Pleasure.”

“Damn, I wanted the emperor to have HARD GAY with all of us.”

“Don’t you agree, Ran?”

Unlike Ryuuki, Shouka is always ready for HARD GAY.

“Have you had HARD GAY with the Emperor lately?”

“Unfortunately not.”

“Hmm, this is worrying.”

“He hasn’t turned celibate, has he?”

“He can’t have done…he must just be busy.”

Shuurei and Yuushun prepare to conclude the day’s BI session.

“I wouldn’t mind having one more round, but I guess your wife might object.”

“She won’t mind- she has her own partners too.”

Kochou is impressed at Shuurei’s new level of BI and HARD YURI.

“Was that good for you?”

“Ask me for HARD YURI any time, Shuurei.”

“I feel I performed well in that HARD YURI session.”

“Even so, you have shown us new heights of HARD YURI, Shuurei.”

“You’ve inspired me to want to make it so that even disabled people can enjoy this sort of Pleasure.”

Shuurei invites Seiran to a BI session.

“I hope you’ll always be available for BI, Seiran.”

“…how lucky I am to have both HARD GAY and BI at my disposal!”

“I’m happy to be allowed into your bed, Master.”

“I can’t wait to learn some new and exotic BI techniques.”

“Have as much BI as you want.”

“This BI is good!”

“Last night, Kouyuu messed up our HARD GAY, and after that he refused to continue the session!”

“Is this BI session open to old men?”

“We value your experience.”

“This BI is so good that it brings a tear to my eye.”

“She has become such a skilled BI master.”

“This exact same bun, in fact…I have kept it in my robes for 39 episodes.”

“Seiran, help me service the guests- I can’t do it all myself!”

“Give them your best BI!”

“They’re having such great BI in there- I’m jealous!”

“Let’s get in on the action.”

“Don’t leave me! Who am I going to have HARD GAY with?”

“I guess I’ll just get a thrill from watching the BI, then.”

“I really need a partner.”

“Don’t worry- there’s always someone worse off.”

We now take a short break to advertise the latest in fashionable headwear- the Snowman Hat.

“…have as much HARD GAY as he wants.”

“He can take as many Liangs into his hands as he wants.”

“But poor Ryuuki can only have the men he has already conquered.”

Sou Taifu proves to have an unexpected appetite for HARD GAY.

After Hakumei, he moves straight onto Kouyuu.

Meanwhile, Shuurei intrudes upon Ryuuki’s Self Pleasure session.

He is overjoyed when he gets to have some BI with Shuurei.

“You will always be my favourite BI partner!”

“No, not like that!”

“Do as I say, and this BI will turn out well!”

“I know it’s snowing, but can we make this proper BI instead of the high speed version?”

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2 Responses to Saiunkoku Monogatari 39 [season one end]

  1. ItariShun says:

    LOL…why oh why did I have to read this before actually seeing the episode??? Oh well, just couldn’t resist. 🙂

  2. Byakko says:


    It’s funny, I needed this to find that great BI session between Ryuuki and Shuurei that I wanted X3

    Oh Ryuuki, if only you were as BI as you are in the novels…actually no, I don’t really like BI when I’m so supportive of canon couple, just means Ryuuki can screw Shuurei twice over when he cheats.

    Dammit, I just want to see Ryuuki kick some Sakujun ass when he comes back from the dead! You KNOW he’ll hit on the Emperor, and there would be HARD GAY around as their swords come out! It’ll be the gayest fight of since Seiran and Ryuuki’s duel!

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