Pumpkin Scissors parody 8 part II

“How pathetic- I thought you’d be able to control yourself!”

“If you get too intense, you might kill the lieutenant!”

“Anyway, go and offer her BI.”

“No, this freezing cold shack is merely temperate to me.”

“Erm, anyway, I was wondering…do you have an interest in SHEEP?”

“What kind of sick pervert gets off on SHEEP?”

“Uh, you’re right- I don’t like SHEEP either.”

“Even so, I can’t help feeling that now might be the time to try BI, SHEEP style!”



“All right, then- let’s give it a go.”

Part 6

“There’s no need to be ashamed of that Liang- it’s Zhuge.”

“I’m not quit done with Machs yet.”

“Enough time for another BI session, if you ask me.”

“You have such an appetite for BI.”

“Be careful, though, or the bandits outside will give you some unwanted Rifle.”

“Are you into SHEEP too?”

“No, I’m just ensuring that we can safely have BI outside.”

“Was that BI okay for you?”

“It wasn’t bad.”

“Gwakaka, we are evil and generic, so let’s give the heroes some Gun!”

“No time for Gun- start Sled mini-game!”

“Goodbye screen time.”

“We outwitted those one shot bandits! Go us!”

“Anyway, getting back to why I have such an appetite for BI- it was a way to relieve boredom as a child.”

“That is normal, right?”

“I guess so.”

“Anyway, let’s get on with this Sled mini-game.”

“You’re right, let’s try to get a high score.”

“I hope these instructions aren’t too complex for you.”

“I think I can just about manage that.”

“I want screen time!”

“Begin snowboarding mission!”

“Did we just progress to level two or something?”

“More like Level Five!”

“Sorry, the D-pad is jammed!”

“Is this game over?”

“Doesn’t look like it.”

“I need that high score!”

“This is a fleeing the enemy level, not fighting them!”

“My high score!”

“Enough gaming- time for some HARD GAY!”

“Okay boys, prepare for group HARD GAY!”

“Are you trying to say my HARD GAY is only worth a Pistol in response?”

“This will be the best HARD GAY you ever have- although it will also be the last.”

“Commence group HARD GAY!”

“Come closer- HARD GAY should be more intimate.”

“Look, people are waiting for the HARD GAY techniques and Viagra we are bringing them!”

“Viagra, you say?”

“Well, this changes everything.”

“We look forward to trying out those HARD GAY techniques- now take a quick look at our Liangs whilst the screen is white and the audience can’t see!”

“Did he just try to have AVALANCHE whilst he was down there? Even main characters shouldn’t try that.”

“Don’t you understand- if even one character dies, it’s game over!”

“I wasn’t having AVALANCHE- just CLIFF.”

“We get the points for this mission after all.”

“Less talk, more rescuing, please.”

“Mission Complete- New High Score!”

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