Fafner in the Azure Flame part I

Ever felt that there was more to Fafner than met the eye? That perhaps it was just all one big metaphor for HARD GAY. Let this alternate version of the series open your eyes to what was really going on.

Kazuki gets his first ‘Fafner’ experience, which in this series is code for HARD GAY.

“No more STRAIGHT for you, I’m afraid.”

“My HARD GAY sense is tingling!”

“Our Zhuge Liangs are the only thing standing between us and death, or at least that’s my excuse.”

“Kazuki, only you can excite me.”

“Soushi, I don’t think I’m ready for HARD GAY!”

“Trust me, Kazuki, you can do it!”

“You and I can surely have ‘Fafner’ together!”

“My tastes have become so jaded that you are now the only one who can excite me!”


“I’m leaving my Liang in your hands- treat it properly.”


“Soushi! Kazuki!” moment #1


“This is the ultimate form of virtual HARD GAY.”

“Let’s get started.”

“I’m feeling aroused already.”

“That was good HARD GAY- I was right to warm Kazuki up with that beginners’ technique.”

“He’ll tell you the basic facts about HARD GAY and how to have it safely.”

“So, anyway, was that good for you?”

“Meh, it wasn’t bad, I guess.”

“You must have at least been surprised at how skilled I was.”

“And rest assured that we’ll be having more ‘Fafner’ in the future.”

“Sorry for making you have STRAIGHT with me in the infirmary.”

“Actually, Kazuki is the one I’m interested- he’s rather Zhuge.”

“You know, whoever you’ve been sleeping with, I would have done a better job of Pleasuring you.”

“Then I look forward to our first encounter.”

“Dad, it’s official- Soushi and I are a couple!”

“Kazuki, these are the instructions for Pleasure.”

“Don’t be shy- that’s an impressive Liang.”

“I’m a little worried- is this Pleasure going to be painful?”

“Put on this suit- it will reduce chafing.”

(“Damn, even the suit doesn’t help!”)

“I hope you explained about the birds and the bees to him last night.”

“Hey, fancy some HARD GAY tonight?”

“I guess you want a group session with the underclassmen, as usual.”

“Not so fast boys- tonight is BI night.”

“And lucky for you, I have some new BI techniques to teach you.”

“Kazuki needs more partners if he’s to polish his HARD GAY.”

“When I’m with you, it’s so good that it feels like we’re flying!”

“For the sake of argument, let’s call them tentacles.”

“The path of HARD GAY is the one for us.”

“Just follow my lead, and I’ll give you the best HARD GAY of your life.”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t want HARD GAY.”

“If I get a partner whose Liang is bigger than mine, I would almost certainly lose my nerve.”

“Wow, you really are serious about this relationship.”

“I just want HARD GAY with the one I love- what’s wrong with that?”

“Was that HARD YURI too taxing for you?”

“If you’re okay, let’s have another session.”

“Maya, your appetite is flattering, but I can’t keep up this pace!”

“Hey Kazuki, it seems the girls want you to turn BI.”

“It’s about time I expanded my horizons- BI it is.”

“Sounds good to me- it means I’m in with a chance.”

“Kazuki, I don’t want you seeing other people.”

“Don’t think you can two-time me and get away with it!”

“I’m looking forward to seeing your Liang in the near future.”

“Trust me, it will be well worth the wait.”

“I want HARD GAY now!”

“Listen, if you force yourself to have ‘Fafner’, it won’t be as good.”

“Take your time, and reach a climax naturally.”

“Don’t get overexcited.”

“Their Pleasure rating is higher than normal, but then again, this is their first time, so it’s not unexpected.”

“When someone asks for Pleasure, I just can’t say no.”

“Stop having DOG- you’re a disgrace!”

“I don’t care what he says, I want ‘Fafner’ with my dog!”

“Maya, we need more people if we’re going to have group BI!”

“I don’t have time for HARD GAY with the likes of you- just make do with Hyper Self Pleasure.”

“Well, I can still excite myself with Hyper Self Pleasure.”

“We wanted to find a HARD GAY more fulfilling than before.”

“Usually I have to go over to your house if I want HARD GAY.”

“Do you think everyone knows about our secret HARD GAY relationship?”

“We must deny all allegations of it.”

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4 Responses to Fafner in the Azure Flame part I

  1. Dagger says:

    Hahaha. Oh man, Fafner is so ripe for this. :3

  2. angelicka says:

    hahaha i love this… and its so easy to do a parody of fafner its chock full of kazuki soushi HARD GAY moments

  3. tidal says:

    this really smells like GSD…when do we get that STRAIGHT on an ISLAND episode?

  4. angelicka says:

    Kazuki always ignores Maya and in the end he says he will wait for Soushi forever so its pretty blatant. The girl(Maya) in the show is even convinced that those two boys Kazuki and Soushi are in love, but she likes Kazuki too. Only Kazuki is always thinking of Soushi and vice versa and he hangs out with Maya but their interaction is like friends.People who don’t like b/b relationships deny it ofcourse but for mainstream mecha the shonen-ai is as much as it can be, everthing is thrown at us but the kitchen sink. Soushi is ALWAYS getting jealous, view screencap above, and the biggest evidence…

    This entry lists the interview with the Fafner seiyuus. When asked about the love triangle, Maya’s seiyuu excluded herself and said you have it all wrong… she pointed straight from Kazuki to Soushi’s seiyuu LOL. Just read it and you will find out. And Kazuki’s seiyuu’s most memorable moment was screaming Soushi’s name in the end of ep 23 so yea it doesn’t get any more blatant than that. You can also see official art of Kazuki drawn all seme and Soushi uke aswell as on the covers of drama cd’s and dvds. In one dvd, Kazuki compared his relationship with Soushi to his mom and dad (Gone Arrive).That was when Soushi gets in trouble(I’m not going to say exactly what happens^^). And like Karura mentioned in a previous post that the memorable moments are Kazuki!!!!!Soushi!!!!!! haha … so true. Kazuki goes crazy when Soushi is in trouble and he doesn’t do that for anyone else. In one episode when Maya goes to meet Kazuki the first thing he asks is, where is Soushi??poor Maya.

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