Fafner in the Azure Flame Part 2

“During our BI session, I started thinking of how I could improve the experience.”

“If it’s what you want, I’ll ask you to be my partner next time.”

“…but I really, really need some BI right now.”

“I called you all here for group DOG, and now the plan is ruined!”

“DOG? You can’t be serious!”

“DOG is an essential experience.”

“Even though we had only Ezos, we wanted to protect them.”

“…is HARD GAY.”

“I…had HARD GAY with Soushi.”

“We were only young at the time.”

“Why did I lose control of my feelings for him?”

“I bet you were jealous of his HARD GAY prowess.”

“He has access to techniques you can’t even imagine.”

“Don’t just stick it in!”

“Can I stick this in?”

“No, I tried that already and it’s not very exciting.”

“I don’t want to try out any strange techniques, thank you very much.”

“Are you saying there was HARD GAY?”

“How romantic!”

“I know you liked to be ready for HARD GAY any time, any place.”

“I sense that you’re having second thoughts about having STRAIGHT with me.”

“When the time comes for us to have STRAIGHT, I promise it’ll be so good you’ll swear you went to paradise.”

“Just wait for me until then, okay?”

“He’ll sleep with anything that’s got a pulse!”

“Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.”

“Here’s a good tip for bondage HARD YURI, Canon.”

“I’ve been thinking- it’s about time to turn BI!”

“I know my HARD YURI is good, but try to keep quiet or everyone will want some.”

“Uh, no thanks- you’re a bit too old for me.”

“I didn’t know ‘Fafner’ would be this painful!”

“Kazuki is much better in bed than this guy!”

“I want you to know that I’m rooting for you and Kazuki.”

“Are you sure you’re not just jealous, old man?”

“If so, you should know that he’s HARD GAY.”

“He’s bound to become a sex toy for our superiors, lucky bastard.”

“Look, they’re already probing his naked body!”

“I don’t want you to think there was any love between us.”

“…and that was sex.”

“It is most Zhuge indeed.”

“Hey Kazuki, fancy some HARD GAY?”

“Is that allowed here?”

“I will teach you many techniques.”

“She told me that a father shouldn’t feel that way about his son.”

“Is he ready to learn the advanced methods of HARD GAY?”

“Prepare to learn about methods you never even imagined before.”

“And that is to have HARD GAY.”

“Might as well make it a group session.”

“A group session? I cannot allow such a thing!”

“…is his beloved Soushi.”

“It will only hurt more that way.”

“This was supposed to be a private session!”

“Is he HARD GAY, BI or –heaven forbid- STRAIGHT?”

“I’m sorry, but you have been selected to entertain the old lady tonight.”

“Why didn’t you ever tell anyone about our childhood HARD GAY?”

“Because of my lack of skill, I hurt you!”

“You must be so angry that I had my way with you!”

“He is glad you were the first one to have HARD GAY with him.”

Kazuki thinks back to that traumatic first HARD GAY experience.

“It is called HARD GAY.”

“Let’s do it.”

“Our bedrooms, the back of a car, a park bench- anywhere will do!”


“I just wanted some quiet BI, but now everyone knows what we’ve been doing!”

“I’m not getting enough BI!”

“Make do with what you have, you nymphomaniac!”

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3 Responses to Fafner in the Azure Flame Part 2

  1. kacpy says:

    LOL. VERY nice.

  2. Machi says:

    XD Oh gawd this show IS HARD GAY. Even more than that actual yaoi show you parodied thats for sure XD

  3. angelicka says:

    yep machi kazusou is love haha, you should watch ep 17 the infamous date scene between them. Well thats what we call it lol. And watch the ending too, they make vows to each other

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