El Cazador de la Bruja parody episode 5

After randomly stopping off at yet another outpost of generics, Nadie and Ellis encounter Rita, a young girl who can’t seem to decide between HARD YURI and STRAIGHT. Can they help Rita make the right choice?

Once again, Nadie is hiring out Ellis for BI with one shot generics.

At long last, Ellis seems to have got the hang of pleasuring the customers.

Not for long.

“Of course I did, because even though we just met you are the main characters, and thus my best hope of screen time.”

Nadie and Ellis find a new lover.

“Are you interested in HARD YURI?”

“That HARD YURI didn’t seem very enthusiastic.”

“Fugly, unappealing and unattractive- I have them all!”

“How would you like an evening of STRAIGHT with yours truly?”

“Hey, thanks for your HARD YURI earlier- even if it wasn’t all that great, I appreciate the effort.”

“She’s at that age, you know- the one where you can’t decide your preferences.”

“And until she decides, she can’t hire herself out for Pleasure.”

“Wait a minute…you aren’t Ellis!”

“Yeah, I’m here to give you some basic BI.”

“Thanks for the BI, it was interesting.”

“When someone is in need of BI, I have sworn to give it to them.”

“You girls want a group session? I’m afraid I’m not licensed to perform one of those- it wouldn’t be safe.”

“Even so, I don’t mind spending the night with you two lovely ladies- you’ll understand when you see my wife.”

“Sketching a full landscape would be impossible.”

“You gave me quite mediocre HARD YURI before, and yet you came here to beg for more?”

“Looks like Rita is thinking about turning HARD YURI again.”

“Heh, I bet you’re just incapable of the kind of intense HARD YURI I’m looking for.”

“We’re perfectly capable of that kind of HARD YURI, but it would endanger your life.”

“Since we only care about achieving the ultimate Pleasure, we willingly put our lives at risk.”

“You definitely wouldn’t be able to withstand it.”

“Stop mocking me- HARD YURI is the same whether you’re in the city or the country.”

“It’s the truth, I tell you!”

“Yeah, right.”

“I can’t believe I stooped so low as to even think of asking you for HARD YURI!”

“Nadie wasn’t lying when she said our HARD YURI was dangerous- look, we even use Gun.”

“Ellis, what have I told you about touching my private parts without permission?”

“Hey ho, hey ho, a stalker’s life for me!”

“This is a healthy pastime for a young man.”

“Thanks for the HARD GAY- you are dismissed.”

“Now to see what’s on Web TV.”

“Damn, it’s just El Cazador de la Bruja episode 4- no wonder they say Web TV is overrated.”

“Could these all be from my cybersex sessions?”

“Can I have STRAIGHT? I can’t pay you right now, but I promise I will in the future.”

“No money, no STRAIGHT.”

“That’s why I have to sell my body as well.”

“We’re not in the mood for BI with you.”

“Sorry, but my Liang wants a taste of Ellis.”

“Ellis is mine!”

“Let me put it this way- if Ellis doesn’t have BI with me, then you will have to.”

“You could have got away with having HARD YURI with me instead, but no- you had to be difficult.”

Nadie chooses to give up Ellis rather than having late night BI herself.

“That was a great group session- why was that old guy saying it was dangerous?”

This episode’s GTA level begins.

Ellis demonstrates how to float up a cliff (I’m not kidding).

“As a main character, she doesn’t even have to answer to gravity.”

“I wasn’t sure if you’d chosen HARD YURI or STRAIGHT yet.”

“…how hard it is to choose one or the other.”

“In time, she’ll figure out which preference is for her.”

Detective introduces his loli to the wonders of DONKEY, a sort of beginner’s HORSE.

“Well, we didn’t win Rita over to HARD YURI, but let’s just have some anyway- take off your clothes, Ellis.”

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