El Cazador de la Bruja parody episode 8

Whilst LA is prepared for re-education in the delights of HARD GAY, a one-shot character named Sanchez becomes so impressed by Ellis’ BI that he decides to take her home to service the head of his mafia family! Will Nadie be able to recover her partner in time for their next HARD YURI session?

La is recalled for some naked bondage antics.

“You were never supposed to turn STRAIGHT, boy!”

“I expected HARD GAY from you!”

“Only Ellis can give me a RAGING HARD-ON!”

“I just have to think of her, and my Liang gets excited!”

LA uses the thought of Ellis to fuel a Hyper Self Pleasure session.

“At least his Liang is impressive.”

“Soon, he will embrace HARD GAY.”

In his attempt to make the ultimate loli, Ricardo tries a shrinking ray on Lirio.

“It’s full of generic men who are starved for Pleasure.”

“Like this guy…except he has a name.”

“You want me to be STRAIGHT, don’t you?”

“Hell, yeah!”

Ellis tries one of her BI for sale chat-up lines.

“Thank you, I will try some BI.”

“I like it fast- just take my Liang and then leave.”

“That’s no way to request BI from us!”

“Hey, whatever happened to that HARD GAY initiation we were supposed to have?”

“Are you telling me that you’re still a HARD GAY virgin?”

“Hurry up and lose it already.”

A semi-generic name for a semi-generic character.

Ellis asks one of those awkward questions that shouldn’t be answered in polite company.

“What do you mean, you can’t upgrade my Liang today?”

“I’m sorry, but New Wang is fully booked this week.”

“Dammit, just show me the Zhuge Liangs and I’ll attach one myself!”

(“Sorry Liang, but I’m switching you out for an upgrade.”)

“Damn doctors, can’t even give a man decent HARD GAY.”

Upon seeing these canines, Ellis starts to contemplate DOG.

“Father, I’ve brought a new lover home for you.”

Blue-Eyes decides to try a bit of CEILING.

“Sorry, but there’s no way I can Pleasure that old guy.”

“Look, money’s no object- I can erase your disgust and shame with cold hard cash.”

“Or just tell me what you want, and I’ll arrange for you to get it directly.”

“I want DOG.”

“I just want the old man to have something he can enjoy before he dies.”

“You mean Pleasure?”


“Sorry, he’s too old.”

“Then let me make myself plain- the plot can’t progress until you have BI with the old man.”

Nadie is finding the series so boring that she decides to apply for a career as a taco delivery girl instead.

In order to impress the interviewers, she decides to show off her singing abilities.

Sadly, they are not won over by her skills.

“To be honest, we’re only going to give the job to someone we’d want to sleep with.”

“I may not be able to impress those men, but maybe these dogs have more forgiving standards.”

“Face it, Nadie, you’re not cut out to be a taco delivery girl.”

“…having BI.”

With little choice in the matter, Ellis completes her BI assignment.

Sanchez recalls how Father first paid him for HARD GAY.

“I knew it wasn’t love…”

“…but the Pleasure was enough for me.”

“He should have just said he was interested in BI instead of taking up a whole episode with his pointless problems.”

“I guess it’s difficult to talk about BI in a HARD GAY mafia world.”

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