Mai-Otome Zwei 3: Less nipples, more fat cats, please

I have to admit that I have been terribly wrong about Mai-Otome. How could I, holder of a degree in physics, possibly understand its depth and complexity as well as the random grammatically challenged flamers who came to my blog to comment? Indeed, I totally failed to grasp the deeper implications and cutting social commentary behind Maya and Ain removing everyone’s bikini tops; for that reason, this post will differ from the last two in dispensing with any attempt to grasp the greater plot, and instead rely more on amusing screencaps.

Note: the real reason Iâ’m doing the post this way is because I was watching the raw in the car and didn’t catch all the dialogue.

Fat grey cats remain the best thing about Mai-Otome.

Despite getting their first screen time in ages, the heads of state remain depressed because no one can ever remember their names.

“Come on, Nina, it’s not far to a location of plot importance.”

The world is under threat from a mysterious Shadow Otome, so what’s the logical thing to do? That’s right, have a mass bathing scene!

“Hey Arika, what do you think of some HARD YURI?”

“But you’re not my usual partner!”



“You guys- no STRAIGHT allowed!”

What follows is an”amusing” recounting of how Maya prevents the sexually frustrated Akane and Kazuya from doing the deed.

Remember, Mahoro says ecchi thoughts are wrong, boys and girls.

“I seem to have regressed in age to my HiME self.”

“Hey Shiho, do you think this bathing suit uses too much fabric?”

“No, and I don’t think my maki maki joke has been overused yet either!”

“All right, HARD YURI bondage time!”

“Who wants first go of my Whip?”

“Help, the power of fanservice is removing my bikini!”


“Wait- I said I didn’t want HARD YURI with you!”

“Did I hear someone say HARD YURI?”

“Smoochie, smoochie.”

“Help, I’m being forced to have HARD YURI with a minor character!”

“Hey Aoi, how come you never come onto me like that?”

“Everyone get naked, it’s what the audience gets off to!”


Double yoink (sorry, I wasn’t fast enough to catch the one where Shiho’s breast padding is revealed, but Omni has it over at RC).

“Don’t be shy- it’s time for mass HARD YURI- the sort we could never have on TV.”

“Calm down, Liang…”

“AA, B, C, D…”

“Chie, stop looking at other women!

Sometimes, it’s best not to ask why.

Now this is more like it.

Nao takes a moment to advertise her upcoming spin-off show.

“Can you stop reading out your perverted fantasies about Sergey, Nina?”

Nine out of ten viewers voted to see Nina fall into a pit.

“Mr Director, I’m phoning to complain about being left out of the topless bathing scene.”

“The trouble with these statues is that you can’t have good HARD YURI with them- and believe me, I’ve tried.”

It’s about time we had a cameo- everyone else has had their two seconds of airtime.”

A bottlemail washes up, Phantom Brave style.

If Sergey is asleep now, just what were they doing earlier?

“Hmm, I can’t say the script for this episode is particularly marvellous.”

“Here’s some more Mikoto-service.”

“This is how we’d like to animate episode 4- do you think anyone will notice the difference?”

“I can’t help feeling it’s time for a spot of fishing.”

“You are now entering the Chamber of Horrors.”

“Our main attraction is this giant cocoon.”

“We also have pointless monsters.”

“Oh yes, and did we mention the evil Shadow Otome?”

Nao’s action scene is the one good part of this episode.

Breaking news- mysterious monster sighted near Arc de Triomphe.

Nao fights bravely, but without DESTINED MAIN CHARACTER status, she ends up getting petrified.

For some reason, Nina gets sent through a glowing red portal.

“When I said I wanted to catch a big one, I didn’t mean a building!”

Nina shows up in the mysterious out-of-plot’s-way realm that Mashiro, Mai and Mikoto are already inhabiting.

Next episode…

“Gwakaka, I am evil!”

More characters materialise!

“I have some plot role!”

“As the original main character, I reserve the right to kick arse!”

“Nina, I…I love you!”

“…and I did not have HARD YURI with Ain!”

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9 Responses to Mai-Otome Zwei 3: Less nipples, more fat cats, please

  1. Nekki says:


  2. daRAT says:

    If you find a plot, please send me an email 😛

    Just good ole fun, nothing to tax the brain!

  3. Karry says:

    What, more of that dumb Hard Gay “parody” ? Man, will you ever grow up ?

  4. mwgamera says:

    Your parodies are wicked and feel WRONG…

  5. Tsubasa says:

    XD XD XD XD XD I’ve seen the subbed version and can say that you really caught the spirit of the bathing scene XD. Only in the final capture I can say what Arika says is the opposite of that LOL.

  6. Necromancer says:

    Just noticed the nipple screencap has been removed due to violating Photobucket’s terms of service, lol, nipples are so evil.

  7. Karura says:

    Damn those nipples, subverting good citizens. I’ll upload it to somewhere else so that readers can continue to be corrupted.

  8. manga says:

    bathing scenes = always fun :p
    espacially if you´re a male.

    I´d really want to see your take on Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny OVA 01 and 02 🙂

  9. itchigo says:

    very well done but arn’t you missing a bit from the episode?

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