Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto parody episode 10

Whilst various historical forces begin a war of mass HARD GAY, Kakunojo bids farewell to Oryou.

Oryou: Won’t you come with me to see Akidzuki? It’s a sure ticket to more screen time, and I know you must be interested in converting him to the ways of BI.

(Kakunojo: I want to, but the time is not yet right- he is still too entrenched in HARD GAY.)

Meanwhile, Shiranui visits the café where Kotoha works.

Kotoha: Shiranui! Can you really be up for BI this early in the morning?

Down at the docks, Kakashi does his stage introduction in order to impress potential lovers.

(Kakashi: As a named character among generics, surely even I must get lucky this time.)

Kakunojo goes around visiting the troupe.

(Kakunojo: They are all finding new lives and new partners- is this the end of my BI on demand?)

Okita wanders through the streets, periodically coughing up blood to remind us all that he is ill. Akidzuki confronts him.

Akidzuki: Okita, wait! I know you want to join in the mass HARD GAY, but you’re in no condition for it! Just have a quiet session with me instead.

Okita: If you’re suggesting you’ll have pity HARD GAY with me, I don’t want it!

Nonetheless, Akidzuki gives Okita Sword, until he knocks the other man down.

(Akidzuki: What a poor showing.)

Kakunojo talks to the troupe.

Kakunojo: Much as I hate to lose the BI you’ve all given me, it seems that the director wants us to stop putting it off and just disband.

Zagashira: This could be the end of our screen time.

As the mass HARD GAY war continues, Oryou stops to help an injured man.

Man: Don’t touch me! I only need men!

Finally, enough historical narration passes to enable the war to end. Akidzuki visits Okita again.

Okita: Akidzuki, I have a request to make; give me HARD GAY one more time- and whatever you do, don’t hold back.

Akidzuki and Okita go outside for some Wooden Sword.

Okita: Your skills are impressive- you have come a long way since the old days.

Akidzuki: Thank you.

Okita: No, I should thank you for giving me the best HARD GAY I’ve had in a while.

Okita begins coughing up blood again. After Akidzuki runs to get a doctor, two generics appear.

Generic: Okita, don’t think you can get away! You’re giving us HARD GAY whether you like it or not!

As the generic raises his ‘sword’ to do the deed, Akidzuki appears just in time to block him.

(Akidzuki: I won’t let generics violate a named character- it sets a dangerous precedent!)

Akidzuki knocks down the two generics and takes Okita in his arms.

Okita: Akidzuki, I can’t thank you enough for the HARD GAY, but I’ve delayed the plot long enough. I must go to Peacemaker, er, I mean the next world now.

Okita dies.

(Akidzuki: And so, the search for a partner continues.)

Elsewhere, Oryou bumps into Soutetsu.

Soutetsu: Oryou!

Oryou: And you are…?

Soutetsu: A former BI acquaintance of Ryouma. Right now, I’m helping a theatre troupe with BI.

Oryou: Oh, so you already have lovers?

Soutetsu: Well, I just think of them as a way to pass the time- I’m always open to new lovers. In fact, I’ve been meaning to ask if you might be interested…?

Just as the troupe is packing up their effects, Oryou arrives with a new script from Soutetsu.

Oryou: Everyone, Soutetsu and I have just developed a new BI technique- and you’re all to try it!

Ebisu: What’s this- Nakaiya is listed as one of the necessary partners! I thought he was dead!

Shiranui: This is going to be fun.

(Kakunojo: Guess I don’t need to worry about screen time for a while.)

To be continued…

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