Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto parody episode 15

Akidzuki heads north in search of the Lord’s Head, with Kakunojo behind him

(Akidzuki: I’ve managed to get her to walk several paces behind, but why can’t she leave me alone? What if I get mistaken as BI, or even STRAIGHT?)

(Kakunojo: I must keep working on Akidzuki, until he accepts BI completely.)

Kakunojo’s sandal breaks, and she stops.

(Akidzuki: This is the perfect opportunity to leave her, but if I did that, the audience might hate me.)

As Akidzuki stops to fix Kakunojo’s sandal, three women pass by.

Woman: Ah, look at the young lovers.

(Akidzuki: Damn it, damn it, damn it! We’ve been alone on this forest road for ages, but the moment I do something like this, someone shows up!)

Woman: Ah, did your sandal break? As it turns out, we passing generics have a spare one you can use.

Akidzuki and Kakunojo continue onwards to a shanty town, where they ask to stay at a makeshift inn.

Old Woman: Well, as you’re main characters I can’t exactly turn you away, but you’ll have to bed down here with everyone else.

Akidzuki: That’s fine.

(Akidzuki: Maybe I can find some male partners amongst these generics.)

The three women from earlier spot Akidzuki and Kakunojo.

Woman: Hey, come over here!

(Kakunojo: This is the perfect opportunity to get Akidzuki acclimatised to women.)

Akidzuki and Kakunojo go over to the three women, but Akidzuki sits a short distance away, gripping his sword.

Woman: The historical events of this era are quite depressing, so let’s forget our worries with a nice BI session.

The gathered generics start having BI, and Kakunojo is soon persuaded to join in Akidzuki remains seated and impassive

(Akidzuki: Why must the main character be tortured in this way?)

A drunk man comes over to Akidzuki.

Man: Do you have a Pleasure partner?

Akidzuki: No.

Man: Look at that BI- in all my life, I’ve never seen such a thing. In my day, we were content with good old HARD GAY.

One of the women comes over.

Woman: Sir, what are you doing? Get up and dance with us.

The man is drawn into the dance.

(Akidzuki: But I was about to ask him for HARD GAY!)

The leader of the women hands Akidzuki a message telling him to get on with the plot. He takes the excuse to run away from the BI village.

That evening, Shoten is outside when Shinza approaches.

Shoten: Don’t just stand there- get over here and give me HARD GAY.

Shinza: I wasn’t sure if you’d be up for it at this late hour.

Shoten: Of course I am!

Akidzuki has made his way to a deserted temple, where his gaydar starts tingling.

(Akidzuki: Could there really be a HARD GAY partner in here? Oh well, it’s not like I can afford to pass up the opportunity.)

As Akidzuki follows the gaydar, Kakunojo runs to the temple.

(Kakunojo: I got so caught up in BI that I almost got left behind! If I’m not careful, I’ll lose Akidzuki and my chance of screen time!)

Akidzuki makes his way to a shrine gate in front of a waterfall. There are two statues in front of it.

(Akidzuki: Hmm, this must be a switch puzzle of some sort. I’ll try moving the statues).

Conveniently, Akidzuki moves the statues in the correct way on his first try, causing the waterfall to open up and reveal a cage.

(Akidzuki: My destined HARD GAY partner must be in here!)

Akidzuki runs inside, but finds only the shrine where the Lord’s Head was previously sealed, along with a second Moontear sword.

(Akidzuki: Damn, I was just sensing residual HARD GAY energy.)

A mysterious fog appears and turns into HARD GAY warriors.

(Akidzuki: Oh no, I forgot to equip any Fire equipment!)

As Akidzuki tries to hold off the warriors, Kakunojo spots the second Moontear sword.

(Kakunojo: If I had a sword, maybe it would be easier to turn Akidzuki BI.)

As the second Moontear sword rises up and becomes bathed in a BI aura, Kakunojo walks towards it, ignoring the HARD GAY warriors that are coming up behind her. As she grabs the sword, the BI aura increases, and Akidzuki’s sword starts glowing, enabling him to hurt the HARD GAY warriors.

(Akidzuki: Somehow my sword has absorbed BI energy, letting it destroy these HARD GAY warriors!)

Akidzuki begins having Sword with the endless HARD GAY warriors, whilst Kakunojo is frozen in the throes of Pleasure.

Akidzuki: This isn’t the kind of Sword I wanted! Time to end this with some POT!

Akidzuki destroys the pot that the fog is coming from, releasing a huge amount of Pleasure energy. He and Kakunojo run outside, the doors conveniently letting them through before closing on the HARD GAY warriors.

Akidzuki: You have a Sword now?

Kakunojo: This increases my plot importance- and now that I can give Sword, there’s no way you’re getting rid of me.

The gaydars on the two swords tingle, and Akidzuki and Kakunojo continue on their way.

To be continued…

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