Pumpkin Scissors parody 13 part II

“This seems like a contrived way to get us into the plot.”

“She gives good BI, and I’m sure she’d reward you.”

“We are important characters, after all- even if I get hardly any screen time.”

“This is a matter of BI, so I shall leave it in your hands, Alice.”

“Can we really get BI here?”

“Superficial BI is okay, but I wouldn’t recommend the more intense kind.”

“A Pleasure stand!”

“Yay, we get some ‘sausage’ at last!”

“Giving Pleasure to named characters has always been my lifelong dream!”

A symbolic image indeed.

”Just the way I like it.”

“That was great BI! Could we, uh, have it for free?”

“You do know I make a living off selling Pleasure, don’t you?”

“He’s a main character- how can you think about charging him?”

“I refuse to use my status as a main character to get free BI from generics!”

“And while we’re at it, how can you have truly enjoyable Pleasure by always forcing your partner into submission?”

“To be honest, I don’t enjoy this rough sort of BI!”

“…but in my country, it is the submissive who die when the BI gets too intense!”

“I have been forced into having INCEST again and again.”

“Even my maid died in the Pleasure!”

“I too could die in the Pleasure if I am not careful!”

“The trauma has made me scared of my native BI, but I thought I could find safer Pleasure here!”

“What can you do, Mr. HARD GAY?”

“Hurry up, or we’ll miss important plot events!”

“Hello, we’re a clearly suspicious group of ruffians.”

“We can finally have BI with her.”

“Unhand me, generics!”

“Hmm, sounds like your BI will make us a pretty penny.”

“He can give you HARD GAY.”

“Soldiers don’t need to come down here for HARD GAY!”

“Hey, I’m here- and I’ve got WOOD!”

“It’s behind you!”

“Hey, I understand you guys have been deprived of Pleasure, but do you have to be so rough?”

“I don’t think he’s up to the sort of HARD GAY we like.”

“He’s very skilled!”

“Then how about we try him with some Dagger?”

Machs gives the ruffians a taste of his HARD GAY.

“It’s time for afternoon BI!”

“Damn, we just missed out on all the action, didn’t we?”

“I thought it was all a joke, even the back story!”

“Fancy some BI later?”

“Of course, Princess.”

“Still as eager for BI as ever.”

“Would you like me to give you BI too?”

“No thanks- I prefer Machs!”


(“Way to go, Machs my boy.”)

“You know, your BI isn’t too bad.”

“From now on, I want Machs to be my designated BI partner whenever I visit.”

“Now my plot role is over, and thus farewell.”

“What about me?”

“You can still have BI with me when we’re at home.”

“In fact, let’s have it now.”

“I don’t want it- your BI has become weak.”

“That sort of BI is easy to learn…”

“…but it is also disappointing.”

“If you let your partner show their skills at their own pace instead of forcing them…”

“…the BI is much more satisfactory.”

“If I am to rule my country, I need to explore this sort of BI.”

“And this way, I can make people into my devoted love slaves.”

“I can see that I no longer need to be your BI tutor, for you have surpassed me.”

“Anyway, that wasn’t full BI with Machs- just a little taster.”

“Don’t think you can get away with a lame excuse like that- I saw it!”

“Hey Machs, I hear you’re a fully fledged member of the BI side now!”


“There’s no backing out of it now, boy.”

“Stop complaining- some of us never get any.”

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