Winter Cicada 3 [end]: It started out like Romeo and Juliet, but it ended up in tragedy (part II)

“He what!?”

“Don’t worry, for I am here in search of HARD GAY.”

“Truly you are living in sin, Akizuki.”

“Isn’t it correct that you would sleep with anyone now?”

“If you don’t like the idea of me sleeping with Kusaka, you had better service me instead.”

“That is, if you are even up to it anymore- your Liang must be worn away by now!”

“Here is a new Liang and a document of my favourite HARD GAY technique- be sure to become proficient by tomorrow.”

“He seemed desperate for HARD GAY.”

“I can’t let anyone else sleep with Akizuki!”

(“So, Aizawa wants to have me…what do I do?)

(“For now, I shall drown my sorrows by having HARD GAY with Kusaka.”)

“I’ve waited so long for you to regain an interest in HARD GAY!”

“Let us waste no time!”

“Commence HARD GAY!”

“Ignite the fires of passion within me once again!”

Without the budget for another sex scene, we instead cut straight to the morning after.

“They all want HARD GAY!”

This vase was an enemy of mankind, and had to be destroyed.

Soldiers rush to and from the bedroom in a desperate relay of HARD GAY.

“Hello, we’re here to inspect your Zhuge Liang.”

“Are you saying you doubt my size?”

“Someone who saw it says it is smaller than you claim- a mere Ezo, in fact.”

“They were just jealous!”

“Sir, we have found no evidence of an Ezo here.”

“Fine- tell the men to stop having HARD GAY and go back to HQ.”

“Well, your Liang may have passed inspection, but could it be that your secret lover is a bit too small?”

“Did you sleep with Akidzuki?”

“I merely told him that he would have to sleep with me if he wanted to spare you from becoming my lover!”

“No one sleeps with Akizuki but me!”

“I have fought hard to earn the money to upgrade my Liang, all for his sake!”

In true tragic fashion, Kusaka arrives just too late to stop Akizuki.

“Kusaka, I’m sorry; whenever our HARD GAY was poor or uncomfortable, I always blamed it on you, even though it was my Liang that was inadequate.”

For that true tragic effect, Akizuki pathetically crawls through the snow instead of just killing himself in the guest house.

“When we first met, you were so shy about HARD GAY.”

“I always felt guilty about transforming you into a ravening sex maniac.”

“I forced you to become my exclusive lover.”

“I knew you would be unwilling to take another partner as long as we were together, but I couldn’t just break up with you!”

“And now, to end it all with one last round of Hyper Self Pleasure!”

“Akizuki, wait! You were the only partner I ever wanted!”

“Don’t die! Now all you’re good for is CORPSE!”

“Wait- what’s this?”

“All this time he was using Viagra to keep up with my sexual appetite!”

“All I can do is kill myself so that we can have HARD GAY together in heaven!”

“What’s this? I thought at least one of them would live to give me HARD GAY, but now I only have CORPSE to look forward to!”

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2 Responses to Winter Cicada 3 [end]: It started out like Romeo and Juliet, but it ended up in tragedy (part II)

  1. Infiny says:

    ….lol. That last scene is pure gold xD And and… “It started out like Romeo and Juliet, but it ended up in tragedy,” makes me giggle stupidly everytime I read it D:

  2. Karura says:

    I have to admit I stole that line from The Simpsons.

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