El Cazador de la Bruja parody episode 15

With Ellis seemingly growing increasingly interested in STRAIGHT, Nadie begins to worry that she will lose her HARD YURI partner- and just when it seems that a date at a hot springs can put the spice back into their love life, every other named character starts randomly showing up. Could this be the end of the relationship between our two leads?

(“I must confront Ellis and ask if she has chosen STRAIGHT!”)

(“Just spit it out and ask her if she’s STRAIGHT!”)

“Ellis, I know STRAIGHT is important to you…”

“…choosing it over HARD YURI.”

“I’m still attracted to you!”

“What would I want with a HARD YURI person like you, Nadie? Face it- it’s over between us!”

“Who will I sleep with now?”

“Thank goodness it was just a nightmare.”

“…that she must choose between HARD YURI and STRAIGHT once and for all.”

“Do you want HARD YURI or something?”

(“Think fast, Nadie- play it cool or you’ll scare her off!”)

“You act like I’m some HARD YURI freak, Ellis; I was just, er, admiring the scenery- yes, scenery…”

“Oh my god, not this level again! I always get game over here!”

“A new bus series has been announced by Studio Bee Train, following the adventures of four people on a bus.”

“What are all these bus series ads? I’m just trying to connect to the Horny German Males chat site!”

“We should have never tried such a dangerous type of HARD GAY.”

“When that one man lost his Liang, we all agreed to give up.”

“Even so, I would like to retire to your room and try those methods once again.”

“I understand you already learned advanced HARD GAY techniques from Letogen.”

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of, lots of people are having clandestine affairs these days.”

“Some even tried that forbidden HARD GAY again…”

“To see if we can manage such HARD GAY, we should measure our Liangs.”

“I know you think I am just doing this to gratify myself, but trust me, you will enjoy it too.”

A Japanese-style hot spring in central America?

“It is where anime comes from.”

“I know all about Japan- down to the tiniest detail.”

“Samurai for breakfast? Even I didn’t know that.”

“Everyone knows you have to start your day with a nice bit of samurai.”

“Yeah, much more so than kogal and otaku, whatever they are.”

“You like other women…”

“Hello, we’re randomly here too.”

“Let’s dig for treasure, Harvest Moon style!”

“I didn’t work all the way up to main character just to go digging!”

In most anime, you start with a hot spring, but in El-C, you have to go through a “How it’s Made” first.

“Lirio, did you and Ellis have HARD YURI without me?”

Fanservice moment #1.

“The audience voted against seeing me in my swimming trunks.”

“Yeah, they’d rather have a bit of female skin.”

“Hello, can you connect me to my therapist? I’m starting to have those strange feelings for women again.”

“From now on, we shall call ourselves the Dark Assembly!”

El Cazador, now sponsored by Massage Mate Vibrating Chairs.

“The director’s cancelled my contract- I may not be entitled to any more screen time.”

“You’re just some lolicon, aren’t you?”

“…needs me! She won’t be happy with anyone else!”

“They did have HARD YURI without me after all!”

“Hello, Nadie? Are you free for some HARD YURI later?”

“I’ll be right there.”

HARD YURI should always commence with a little small talk.

“Would you mind if my new friends joined us for a group session?”

“I thought it was just me you wanted, Blue-Eyes!”

“Why can’t you be more open-minded about this?”

“Here, I’ll even pay you extra for the group session.”

“If you think you can bribe me into group Pleasure, you’ve got another think coming!”

“If you won’t try group Pleasure, then I’m going to have to break up with you!”

“You’re what!?”

“Fine- I still have Ellis!”

Meanwhile, LA arrives to offer Ellis some Flaming Passion.

“…back to the world of STRAIGHT!”

“You already scared me off STRAIGHT!”

“Hey, LA, you promised me some HARD GAY!”

“I’ve finally unlocked the special motorbike level!”

“I only want Ellis!”

“Don’t harm my loli!”

“I choose HARD YURI!”

“Ellis, I’m here to protect you from evil STRAIGHT!”

“It’s no good, Nadie- Ellis and I are destined to have STRAIGHT together!”

“…but in the past, Ellis chose STRAIGHT!”

“And then we will decide which of us is worthier of Ellis.”

“I…still want HARD YURI with you, Nadie.”

“All this time, I thought you had gone over to STRAIGHT!”

“…for not making my feelings clear?”

“I’ll always love you, Ellis.”

In the interests of fanservice, everyone gets a turn in the hot springs.

“…She would have been a good HARD YURI partner.”

“We can have good HARD YURI without her!”

“The audience voted that it be removed.”

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