Tuesday Rumble: July 24th

emember a few months ago when Amazon recommended me a book on genetics just because I once bought Tokyo Mew Mew? Well, it’s happened again.

“We’ve noticed that customers who have expressed interest in “Tokyo Mew Mew Vol. 2: v. 2 (Tokyo Mew-Mew)” by Mia Ikumi have also ordered “Essentials of Genetic Engineering” by S.K. Jain. For this reason, you might like to know that this book is now available. You can order yours for just £51.94″

I wonder, do people who buy the same manga as me get recommendations for physics textbooks?

Soutetsu no Aquarion

Welcome to a brand new anime fusion, one that sees Soutetsu Ibaragi of Iroha take over as commander of the Aquarion team. Obsessed with finding the perfect gattai, Soutetsu invites the bishiest looking teenagers to ride on the Aquarion, but who will be worthy of “riding” with him?


  • Akidzuki: A moody teenager with the most potential. Said to be the reincarnation of a legendary samurai.
  • Kanna: A HARD GAY English boy who is clearly attracted to Akidzuki.
  • Kakunojo: One of the rare women on the team- she vies with Kanna for Akidzuki’s affections.
  • Shiranui: Not a particularly skilled pilot despite being obsessed with Gattai.
  • Ebisu: A secretive pilot with a crush on Kakunojo, provides the obligatory character death partway through the series.

El Cazador del Taco

Forget El Cazador de la Bruja, this season the one to watch is El Cazador del Taco (The Taco Hunter), an adrenalin-filled tale of action, betrayal and oh-so-delicious tacos! Following the abrupt death of Amigo Taco Manager Schneider, his adopted daughter Ellis and young delivery girl Nadie find themselves in possession of his secret recipe for Ultimate Tacos. Chased by jealous former Amigo employees and rival companies such as Rosenberg Snacks, Nadie and Ellis begin a desperate journey south, hoping to protect the secret recipe until it can be delivered safely to the new Amigo Tacos production factory.

Heroic Age

“These wide angle shots are brilliant- it means we don’t have to draw detailed characters anymore!”

“RAGING HARD-ON- Utawarerumono style!”

“I told you training monkeys for battle was a bad idea, but no, you just had to try it!”

“Monster HARD GAY!”

“Is there a battle going on, or is it just the glow of distant fireworks?”


“If the monkeys aren’t working, maybe it’s time to get Tom, Dick and Harry in on the action!

“Cameraman, you’re getting too close again! Pull back!”

Random Thoughts: Rin Tohsaka

This week we catch up with Rin Tohsaka of Fate/Stay Night! Rin, did you ever feel annoyed that you had to play second fiddle to an inferior character like Shirou?

We all hated it, of course- having better personalities and character designs than him, but still having to play second fiddle to his pathetic ideas of justice and women taking the back row! Still, I got my revenge in the end, although I can’t tell you the things I forced Archer in order to humiliate him.

What was your motivation behind joining Shirou’s harem?

Purely screen time- I’d do anything just to increase my exposure and thus my fanbase.

Would you mind dishing the dirt on that whole “restoring mana” scene?

Well, since you ask, let me tell you this- Saber’s muscles aren’t just for show. She can go for hours!

And finally, what are your plans for the future?

I’ve been contacted about having an important role in a project called “True Fate” (working title), but I understand the creator is busy with other things, so it’s taking a while to actually come to fruition.

This Week in Anime

Freedom- home of Cup Noodle.

Do you like Cup Noodle?

“We all love Cup Noodle!”

Victory- made possible by Cup Noodle.

Ukyo dispatches an apple on an important mission.

The animators got bored after drawing two brown dogs, and gave up before the third.

“Don’t kill me- I’m an important dog!”

“You look like a common or garden generic brown dog to me!”

“How about a lovely cup of tea?”

Beware- fruit is always watching you.

Game World Tour: Disgaea

Fancy a trip to the Netherworld? Don’t delay because you’ve convinced yourself the conditions will be hellish- we actually have plenty to offer. Make yourself at home in the comfort of Overlord’s castle, where dedicated Prinny slaves will see to your every need. Venture out in the surrounding region to enjoy picnics and day trips, with all manner of exotic wildlife to observe (note: most plant and animal life is dangerous and liable to attack, so be sure to having a working knowledge of armed combat and/or magic before going outside). See how our judicial system works by dropping in on the Dark Assembly, explore the world within an item in the Item World, or just sit back and have your injuries healed by the experts at the Netherworld Hospital (fee required).

For the rare few who find themselves dissatisfied with the service offered in the Netherworld, the Dimensional Gatekeeper offers passage to the heavenly world of Celestia and even a connection to Earth via the Stellar Graveyard.

OST spotlight: Disgaea

Tenpei Sato helps to make Disgaea what it is with his excellent soundtrack, a collection of energetic and slightly offbeat themes, from orchestral marches to an understated lullaby with just the right touch of evil. Not every track hits the mark, with Mid-Boss’s operatic stylings overstaying their welcome, but overall this soundtrack is as quirky, catchy and addictive as the game itself.

Notable tracks: Laharl-sama no Sanbika, Hell’s Whisper, Mischievous Demon’s Footfall, Hysteric Kingdom, A Dark Race Becomes Magnificent, Witch Hunting, Beautiful Round Dance, Tomo Yo, Akai Tsuki, Running Fire, Planet X

Mini-editorial: Gaming- fun or completion?

The question this week is one to be debated just for fun- when you play games, is it more about enjoying them, or playing them to completion so that you can say you’ve finished them and never touch them again? I have to admit that for me, the latter was most important for a while, and even now there are games I persevere with just for the satisfaction of knowing they are finished, but even so, the end of the “First Gaming Era”taught me that collecting and playing games just for the sake of it soon ends in disillusionment and disinterest. And after all, whilst it seems all too easy to fall into this frame of mind (especially as you are equally likely to lose interest in a game if your relationship with it drags on for too long), if you aren’t enjoying yourself, why are you spending your spare time playing games anyway?

In Your Reflection

This week we have a head-to-head between two feisty blondes- Shinku of Rozen Maiden and Rozalin from Disgaea 2. Aside from their predilection for gothloli style dark red dress, both are headstrong females who find themselves bound to the male lead via a contract, and who wish only to meet with their mysterious fathers.

Fashion Police: Cloud

Since it’s beginning to get hard to find visual resources for Arc Twilight of the Spirits, I’ve decided to move on and take a look at another fashion-starved RPG- Final Fantasy 7. First up is the lead, Cloud, and whilst he may not look too bad at first glance, there are many things we must question. Why the baggy trousers? Why the one-sided ugly tin-plate should guard? Why the lack of sleeves and pointlessly spiked gloves (they look pretty stiff, for one thing)? And most of all, why would anyone strip the dead body of their best friend and put their clothes on?

Fashion sense: D-

Amusing Search Terms

who will tenchi marry: so far, no one

romeo gay anime: He’s more into HORSE than HARD GAY, to be honest.

“SchoolMate”: ???

Asking where you can find Mai Otome Zwei: will earn you six demerits.

hard gay soldiers: That’s every soldier, then.

ROMEO AND JULIET – FREE MOVIE PICK: I pick none of them.

hard might gai otakon 2007: I don’t really recall mentioning Otakon.

man watches horse do girl: you sick pervert.

how to draw cute anime dogs: start with Potato.

bathing scene rpg: Do you really want to go to all the effort of bathing scene tilesets and sprites? Just watch a fanservice anime or something.

cross dressing anime blog: Just for the record, I don’t dress as a man.

“boss audition”: audition now and you too can be a boss!

anime blog hard: Work hard, play hard, blog hard.

bondage action figures: admit, tj, you searched for this.

rahxephon ecchi: “Would you like to see my ‘RahXephon?'”, he whispered, pulling down his trousers.

hige and blue: Bluebeard?

tenchi airship: there was an airship?

manga+cats+girls: equals manga catgirls.

Busou Renkin penis episode: although we never saw them, they were never far from the thoughts of our characters.

akane girls nude: more nudity, eh?

inspire me: why should I?

an anime that is happy: I recommend Happy McHappy’s Tale of Happiness.

beyblade hilary show breast: this is more disturbing than the other Beyblade searches.

sexy anime: “Call me Queen”.

after yaoi and yuri love: Next is…BI?

get backers gay?: Afraid so.

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