Romeo X Juliet parody episode 11

Romeo and Juliet fly over the city, having HORSE.

Romeo: We must fly far away, to a place where HORSE and STRAIGHT are acceptable.

Juliet: Who needs HORSE when we have STRAIGHT?

Romeo: Good point- ever since I met you, I have felt less and less interested in HORSE.

Cielo dives low and skims the surface of a lake.

(Cielo: This should cool their ardour for each other.)

Romeo: Hey Cielo, what did you do that for?

The party continues onwards to a forest.

Romeo: Wow, this forest has so many trees!

Juliet: It’s amazing- full of things you can’t find in the city!

Romeo and Juliet eat some wild strawberries to recover their HP.

Romeo: These wild strawberries are hideously sour, but also delicious!

(Cielo: This STRAIGHT business has made them even more stupid than ever. Why don’t they shut up and give me some HORSE already?)

Juliet enters Flashback Mode and starts talking about Cordelia so that some animation can be re-used.

(Romeo: Oh god, I can’t take any more of this Flashback Mode!)

Romeo randomly runs off.

Juliet: Romeo, where are you going? How dare you leave my sight?

Juliet runs after Romeo.

(Cielo: I can’t let them be alone! I had better follow.)

Romeo and Juliet have STRAIGHT in a flower clearing, before riding Cielo onwards.

(Juliet: I’ve just realised something- Cielo is my rival for Romeo’s love!)

Juliet: Uh, Romeo, would you say you and Cielo are close?

Romeo: Of course we are- I’ve been having HORSE with him since I was seven.

(Juliet: Damn, the bond between them will be hard to break.)

Juliet: Thank you for taking care of him for so long, Cielo- you must be rather bored of Romeo by now.

(Cielo: I see what that wench is trying to do- she wants to drive a wedge between us!)

Romeo: In those days, his Liang was only this big! Can you imagine that?

Juliet: Yes, um…he’s really like your little brother, isn’t he?

(Juliet: Good one- that will make Cielo seem more like family than a lover.)

As if on cue, a female Pegasus appears.

(Cielo: What’s this? There are females of my kind?)

(Juliet: This is perfect!)

Juliet encourages the female HORSE to come over.

Juliet: Isn’t this great, Cielo? You can have HORSE with your own kind.

Some random generics appear.

Generic: Gwakaka, your syrupy love scenes are getting on everyone’s nerves, so we’re here to ruin the mood with our generic evil!

Generic #2: Hand over your animals- we’re dying for some HORSE!

As the Level Three Generics start attacking, Romeo and Cielo enter Attack Mode, whilst Juliet moves to the back row. After one turn, the generics are defeated.

Romeo: Give it up, already- you guys don’t even have names.

As the generics run off, Cielo nudges the female HORSE.

(Cielo: This is great- HORSE with another HORSE will be truly beyond anything I have experienced with other humans.)

Romeo: Cielo, I can see that you too have discovered the joys of STRAIGHT with your own kind. I shall let you go so that you can go off with your new girlfriend, leaving me to have pure STRAIGHT with Juliet.

(Juliet: This has worked out perfectly!)

Cielo and his lover head into the depths of the forest, whilst Romeo and Juliet continue onwards to Small Town.

Romeo: I saw a conveniently placed boat by the riverside- we can use it to travel onwards.

Romeo and Juliet continue their journey, having STRAIGHT along the way. Eventually they reach Iris Field, complete with church.

Juliet: Let’s eternally commit ourselves to STRAIGHT!

(Juliet: This will prevent him from straying back to HORSE).

Romeo and Juliet enter the church and swear the vows of eternal STRAIGHT.

To be continued…

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